Ukraine Captures Hundreds of Russian Battleships During Invasion Attempt

Ukraine Captures Hundreds of Russian Battleships
Ukraine Captures Hundreds of Russian Battleships

As reported by Defense Blog, Ukraine captured a large number of battleships during the invasion attempt of the Russian army. On the defensive, Ukraine managed to capture almost 1000 Russian vehicles. On the 40th day of the invasion attempt, Russia's losses become clear.

According to Orxy Blog, Ukraine captured 168 main battle tanks, 263 armored combat vehicles, 73 armored personnel carriers, 89 artillery systems, 18 air defense systems, 210 military trucks, 92 other vehicles.

Also, the Ukrainian army captured the 2S34 Hosta howitzer system, the T-80UM2 tank equipped with the active protection system, the latest Ural-63704-0011 military truck, Tornado-U heavy military trucks and the Pantsir-S1 air defense system.

Western states' defense officials report that Russian casualties are between 7,000-15,000. In this context, it is stated that the number of wounded soldiers who could not return to duty immediately is about twice the number of dead. Russia's illegitimate invasion of Ukraine resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. More than 3,7 million people are refugees. An estimated 6,5 million Ukrainians were also displaced within the country. Many cities of Ukraine were severely damaged.

Captured Russian tanks are integrated into the Ukrainian army

Ukraine-based Ukroboronprom announced that the armored vehicles seized from the Russian army during Russia's invasion attempt will be delivered to the Ukrainian army after repair and integration activities for use against Russia. According to the statement made by Ukroboronprom, it was stated that an agreement was signed with the Ukrainian General Staff on the repair and integration of captured Russian land vehicles into the Ukrainian army.

In addition to the captured armored vehicles, Ukroboronprom has delivered over 4 main battle tanks, ZMA / ZPT et al. The battleship was handed over to the Ukrainian army. In addition; 5 mortars and grenades, over 50 various weapon systems of various calibers, 574 missiles / rockets, 170 ammunition, 600 explosives were delivered to the Ukrainian army.

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