Transportation Prices and City Hospital Metro Construction are on the agenda of IMO Bursa

Transportation Rates and City Hospital Subway Construction is on the agenda of IMO Bursa
Transportation Prices and City Hospital Metro Construction are on the agenda of IMO Bursa

Ülkü Küçükkayalar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO), brought up the increase in urban transportation and the revision planned to be realized in the metro line that will provide transportation to the City Hospital.

Ülkü Küçükkayalar, Chairman of the IMO Bursa Branch Board of Directors, conveyed the evaluation report they prepared as the Branch Board of Directors regarding the developments in Bursa transportation. President Küçükkayalar made the following statements regarding the transportation problems that are on the public agenda;

“After the energy crisis and Russia's occupation of Ukraine, many European countries, especially Germany, did not make a raise because they know very well the importance of public transportation in these days when the world is experiencing an energy crisis. Some countries have even halved public transport prices. The most comprehensive and remarkable application came from Germany. In the face of the increase in energy prices, the German government developed a nationwide special ticket application to support households and encourage public transportation instead of increasing public transportation. A symbolic price of 9 Euros per month will be paid for this special ticket and this application will be valid for 90 days. These practices in public transportation were not populism, but using the power of public transportation with a scientific decision. European countries, especially the German Government, did not make it easy to raise public transport as in our country, and did not calculate profit/loss. By taking decisions to encourage public transportation, it has minimized the fuel consumption originating from private vehicles. Thus, it reduced oil imports. Thanks to this systematic and scientific decision, he chose to use the money saved in advance in the monthly public transportation subscription subsidy to his citizens.

In our country, unfortunately, using public transport at current prices is a luxury.”


Public transportation in Bursa increased by 1% on January 2022, 20, and the metro increased to 4,20 TL, the bus long line to 5,30 TL, and the short line to 4,70 TL. On April 1, 2022, another increase was made at rates varying between 17% and 36%. Metro 5,25 TL, bus long line 6,25 TL, short line 5,50 TL. The rhetoric 'I made the least hike' is unfortunately not something to be proud of in public transport.

Another issue in Bursa is the rendering of validators, which regulate fare refunds for short-haul trips and are placed at each BursaRay stop, inoperative. A passenger traveling at a distance of 2-3 stations and a passenger traveling at a distance of 20 stations should not pay the same amount. The fee refund system should be made operational.

Another issue with a social aspect is free travel support for the disabled, elderly, veterans and martyrs and their relatives. It has been increased by 6% with the regulation numbered 2022 dated 31801 April 50. We wish that the incidents of not accepting our elderly/disabled citizens to public transportation vehicles, which are also on the agenda in the national press, come to an end.


Public transport is right. It is the antidote to the private car addiction that is slowly killing cities. It is the embodiment of the principle of ensuring the transportation of people instead of the transportation of vehicles. It is essential that public transportation, which was heavily damaged during the pandemic period, is made attractive again, cheap, comfortable and fast. Public transport is not only 'public transport' but a system that has many benefits for the city and its inhabitants. Environmental pollution, traffic, noise, parking, etc. It is the solution to many problems. Taking a hike in public transport is easy. Municipalism is not just about making roads and intersections. Municipalities also have to provide cheap, comfortable and fair transportation to their citizens. In this difficult period, it is a great problem for our people to use public transportation at these costs. Both the Metropolitan Municipalities and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies should subsidize the increased costs without reflecting them on the citizens. Electric vehicles should be used instead of diesel-fueled buses.


Emphasizing that they did not find the project revision correct in the Transition Area for Bursa Emek-YHT- City Hospital Light Rail System Construction in the press, Küçükkayalar said that the 493-meter Bursaray Gökdere Viaduct, which was not included in the first project, was added later, citing as an example how it adversely affected the traffic and the "The roof of the buildings. Gökdere Viaduct passing through the line did not suit Bursa at all. Unfortunately, it damaged the silhouette of Bursa and Uludağ. It reduced the operating speed of BursaRay. It adversely affected road transport in that area. Now the same mistake must not be repeated in the Gate. Geçit, which is the most congested section of the Mudanya highway, is an important section where underground passage is a must.

During the extension of BursaRay to Uludağ University, the mentality that divides the neighborhood into two by passing the sections that need to go underground in the project to save money on the surface and brings the traffic to the locking point by collecting it at certain intersections wants to make the same mistake in Geçit. It has become debatable that the underground passage envisaged in the project of the Pass section of the Bursa Emek YHT- City Hospital Light Rail System Construction, which is approximately 4 kilometers long, consisting of 6,1 stations, is passed firstly in the middle median and then through the viaduct, on the grounds that the displacement of the infrastructure elements will take time. If infrastructure displacement works and Cut-Cover tunnel production takes time, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) used by major metropolitans (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir etc.) but never used in Bursa until today should be used. Depth is not a problem in tunnels made with TBM. It works on all types and classes of ground. It makes support with excavation and precast panels simultaneously. There will be no expropriation and infrastructure displacement problems. There is no construction traffic outside the station areas. In addition, the monthly progress rate in tunnels made with TBM will not be below 300-350 meters even in the most unfavorable situation. In other words, there is a fast manufacturing process. Bursa deserves the best of everything and should not be deprived of the use of TBM.

During the construction of the Light Rail System, while the service road with a platform width of 1 meters, approximately 10 kilometer long, was built considering that the traffic would operate negatively, the Passage Zone should be crossed with the underground. It would be a big mistake to make a superficial crossing that will divide that region into two or a viaduct that will disrupt the silhouette. Short-term and populist thoughts are wasting the future of our Bursa.

While the rail system is being taken under the sea in Istanbul, it is a big mistake that we, as Bursa, cannot even take it underground or we want to take the underground part of the project to the surface. Expensive transportation investments; Instead of the selection criteria, the most appropriate way to travel to the city without causing problems should be aimed.”

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