The Stunning Effect of Nutrition on Allergies!

Carpici Effect of Nutrition on Allergies
The Stunning Effect of Nutrition on Allergies!

Ear Nose Throat Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. The frequency of allergic diseases has been increasing in recent years. This is a serious health problem in terms of modern medicine, and its frequency is estimated to be around 10% to 30% in adults and 40% in children. Allergy symptoms affect the quality of life, sleep quality, mood, learning success and academic success of patients. ,

Today, allergy treatment is carried out with allergy medications other than allergen protection, but these drugs have some undesirable side effects, these side effects may affect the quality of life of the person, which has led researchers to find new methods. Nutrition has been found to be associated with allergies at a high rate. It has been shown that the probiotic supplement added to the diet reduces the frequency of allergies by creating an anti-inflammatory response, and the use of probiotics contributes to the creation of a balanced intestinal flora in allergic rhinitis patients, thereby reducing the response to allergies in inhaled and ingested foods.

Probiotics are a modern treatment method and a current method to prevent and treat allergies, due to their effects on the intestinal flora and reducing the allergic response. In addition to probiotics, it has been shown that the amount of sugar in foods or excessive consumption of sugary foods increases the frequency of allergic rhinitis, and it has been shown that excessive consumption of processed bakery products significantly increases the frequency of allergies.

Again, reducing or cutting the sugars of processed ready-made foods, grains in the diet provides a significant allergy control by reducing the inflammatory responses of the body.

After determining the cause of allergy with a skin test, it may be necessary to make some changes in this person's life, such as arranging the home environment, arranging the working environment and clothes, and of course, regulating his diet.

Protection from allergies is also a treatment method, in order to avoid the negative effects of drug therapies in patients who still have allergic complaints despite the prevention and nutritional measures, other treatment tools come into play. .

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