The Capital Will Grow in the Light of Science

The Capital Will Grow in the Light of Science
The Capital Will Grow in the Light of Science

A protocol was signed between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Science Tree Foundation and Turkish Foresters Association to establish a Disaster Volunteers Memorial Forest for the organization of forestation activities and disaster training.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make Ankara the capital of green.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed a cooperation protocol with the Science Tree Foundation (BAV) and the Foresters Association of Turkey (TOD), will provide nature and disaster awareness trainings especially for young people, especially forestation activities. Within the scope of the protocol, a Disaster Volunteers Memorial Forest will also be established.


With the protocol signed by ABB President Mansur Yavaş, Science Tree Foundation President Mustafa Atilla and Turkish Foresters Association President Ahmet Hüsrev Özkara, it is aimed to create a sustainable and ecological structure in Ankara that can be passed on for generations.

With the project to be implemented, within the framework of the works carried out in the dam basins under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality and in the zoning and erosion prevention afforestation areas around the city, and in places to be determined by ABB, memorial forests will be established with the project design and technical support of TOD.

Various recreation areas will also be established in the central points of Ankara in order to increase the disaster awareness of Ankara city residents and to experience this awareness in nature-themed parks. Nature and disaster awareness training will be given to BAV scholars and university students in Ankara who apply for this scholarship by the Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department.


Speaking at the protocol signing ceremony held at the Presidency, Yavaş said, “We are also working on disaster-related issues. We got our new firefighters. We have carried out volunteer training, we want to increase their number. We want to be prepared for major disasters such as a possible fire or the Istanbul Earthquake. We are able to experience disasters that will never happen due to the climate crisis, I hope we do not.”

Ahmet Hüsrev Özkara, President of the Turkish Forestry Association, thanked Mayor Yavaş for his support and said, “The stronger the NGOs, the stronger the institutional structure and cooperation, and it can turn into a sensitive structure and social structure. Society has not been able to comprehend climate change and its effects. This is why the cooperation is so important”, stating that they are a foundation that does not accept donations, and Mustafa Atilla, Chairman of the Science Tree Foundation, made the following assessments:

“We provide scholarships to outstanding individuals. Disaster is an inevitable end, and the individuals who will guide Turkey in the event of a disaster must be distinguished, intelligent individuals so that we can minimize the damage. We see science, art and environmental awareness as a whole. As a foundation, we have approximately 4-5 thousand spruce trees with a length of 4-5 meters. We donate all of that to you.”

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