Tan Urla Brings Aegean Village Life and Modern Architecture together

Tan Urla Brings Aegean Bay Life and Modern Architecture Together
Tan Urla Brings Aegean Village Life and Modern Architecture together

Nevzat Sayın, the architect of the Tan Urla project realized by Tanyer Yapı in Urla Bademler, said that they will implement a special project that will present a truly authentic village life, not just in slogans. Noting that they blended the village life of the Aegean with modern architecture in Tan Urla, Sayın said, “We offer a modern, simple and natural life in a fast and flamboyant world where you can feel belonged. Thanks to our project, we are bringing together a concept that has not been tried before, with Izmir, the Aegean and the world.”


Stating that they created special designs that reflect the village life of the Aegean in the project, Nevzat Sayın said, “The Aegean offers the opportunity to live on its own, with a calm flow. We tried to do something like what was done before us and still try to present something different. How do we create the texture of an Aegean village campus? What should foreigners encounter first? How should the shopping and commercial areas be positioned? We visited 16 villages in Urla to research questions such as: We made a plan that coincides with the aerial photographs of the real villages in the surrounding area and reflects the real texture and spirit of the region. Almonds were more attractive to us because they were in front of us geometrically. Bademler Village really has a bright and exemplary life with its theatre, cultural center, children's museum and cinema. In fact, Tan Urla is a modernized copy of Bademli village,” he said.


Architect Nevzat Sayın, who noted that they wanted people to integrate with the region without staying behind walls, said: “We have positioned the shopping and bazaar center close to the road, not in the middle of the site, so that the residents can integrate with the region. We want the surrounding people to be included in the atmosphere of this place. We will offer a truly living modern village environment. Here you will not feel like you are in a closed box behind a guardhouse and high walls. The project is on a rough terrain due to its geographical structure. Although the village houses look similar at first glance, they are actually different when examined closely. We aimed to bring together different types of housing in the same place and increase diversity. Therefore, as in real village life, each house will have its own unique position and stance. Urla is also an important gastronomy center. Here, people will be able to benefit from different alternatives, from the place where they can eat with a reservation, to the places where they can enjoy coffee, tea and boyoz. There are common areas and social facilities; We are proud of realizing a special project that does not only remain in slogans, but that will offer a truly new life opportunity.”


Stating that they are preparing to lay the foundations of the project at the end of April, Tanyer Yapı Chairman of the Board Münir Tanyer said that they have completed all the necessary permits and procedures and applied for a license.

Tanyer gave the following information: “We do not compromise on the principles and designs set by the architect Nevzat Sayın at the beginning of the project. We pay the same attention to the interior design of the buildings. We have also completed the sales office. On an island basis, we would like to start the first excavation at the end of April, starting with the western plot. Tan Urla, on a gateway to the peninsula, is very open to development in the region. We are also very close to Seferihisar, Sığacık Bay, Azmak Bay, Çeşme and Kuşadası axis. The project has a commercial area of ​​20 thousand square meters. We believe that Tan Urla will add a new color to the whole region and become a center of attraction. There will be a total construction period of 36 months, but we plan to finish sooner. We will deliver nearly 300 keys. We will also offer loan agreements with banks. Investors from both the country and abroad have a great interest in our project.”


Emphasizing that gastronomy will also come to the fore in the project, Tanyer said, “Tan Urla will have chef restaurants, restaurants serving local dishes, a health center and a gym. It will appeal to both the site and the region in general. It will be a village square for social events, meetings and demonstrations. There will also be shops such as a health center, pharmacy, handicrafts, tailor, cobbler, nursery and pet shop to meet various needs. We also paid special attention to green areas and hobby gardens. We will decide together with the landscape and agricultural engineers and consider the plant structure of the region, and we will plant the plant that the insect likes, whichever birds we want to come to the region. That insect-loving bird will come.” used the phrases.

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