Table Olive Exports Approached 100 Thousand Tons

Table Olive Exports Approached One Thousand Tons
Table Olive Exports Approached 100 Thousand Tons

Turkey is rushing to a new export record in table olives, which are indispensable for breakfast tables, consumed in many different areas from pizzas to pastas, from salads to bakery products. In the first half of the 2021/22 season, Turkey exported 32 thousand tons of table olives with an increase of 60 percent. The target of the sector is to exceed 100 thousand tons in exports at the end of the season.

Stating that the Turkish olive industry left the 2020/21 season behind with an amount of 88 million 430 thousand dollars in return for the export of 150 thousand 142 tons of table olives, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association President Davut Er emphasized that they had a successful process in the first half of the 2021/22 season.

Informing that Turkey has a yield of 2021 thousand 22 tons of table olives in the 506/754 season, EZZİB President Er said, “We achieved an increase of 2020 percent on amount and 21 percent on a foreign currency basis in table olive exports compared to the first 6 months of the 32/17 season. During this period, we exported 42 thousand tons of black olives and 18 thousand tons of green olives. While the foreign exchange equivalent of black olive exports was 66 million dollars, the foreign exchange amount obtained from green olives was 28 million dollars. We will reach the export target of 100 thousand tons of table olives, which we set at the beginning of the season. At the end of the season, we will earn 175 million dollars in foreign currency to our country," he said.

Increase producer and exporter premiums

Expressing that the approximately 2002 million olive trees that Turkey gained after 100 became one of the rapidly fruiting trees, and that they expect the olive harvest to increase every year, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association President Davut Er said that the important cost items of the olive producer are all fertilizers, pesticides and fuel oil. He added that there are astronomical increases in input costs, that the premiums given to the producers should be increased to 3,5 TL for olive oil and 70 kurus for grain olives so that producers can look after their trees.

Germany, the leader in black olives

While Turkey exported table black olives to 2021 countries in the first half of the 22/122 season, Germany was at the top with a demand of 15 million dollars. 14,2 million dollars worth of black olives were exported to Romania, one of the traditional export markets of table olive exports. He demanded 11,4 million dollars of Turkish black olives in Iraq.

Iraqis loved our green olives the most.

Iraq, which is third in black olive exports, ranked first in green olives with a demand of 5 million dollars. Germany is the summit partner with green olive exports of 4,8 million dollars. Israel, which has a 660 percent increase in green olive exports, imported 3,5 million dollars of green olives from Turkey. The number of countries that Turkey exports green olives to is 109.

Günceleme: 17/04/2022 14:30

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