Significant Success from HAVELSAN in NATO Cyber ​​Security Exercise

Significant Success from HAVELSAN in NATO Cyber ​​Security Exercise
Significant Success from HAVELSAN in NATO Cyber ​​Security Exercise

For the last 2008 years, Turkey has been participating in the exercise, which was initiated in 2010 by the NATO (CCDCOE) Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence, which was established in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in 10.

Turkey participated in the exercise, which was held with the highest participation ever, under the coordination of the Turkish Armed Forces Cyber ​​Defense Command, together with the cyber security experts of institutions and companies, including HAVELSAN.

In the exercise, which was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic, Turkey ranked 2019th in 18 and 2021th in 14.

In the exercise, in which 31 countries participated this year, Turkey managed to become one of the 9 most successful countries.

HAVELSAN; While contributing to the exercise in the categories of malware, network security and web security, Turkey was among the 3 most successful countries in the category of malware.

Within the scope of the exercise, 24 blue teams are performing cyber defense, while a red team, which is NATO's mixed team, organizes a cyber attack.

The blue teams defending against attacks against fictional critical infrastructures are scored based on the usability, availability and blocking performance of the defended systems.

The usability and accessibility scores of the systems start with a positive value and decrease with disruptions in access and usability due to attacks.

The defense tactics, techniques and procedures developed by the blue teams and the situations of preventing the attacks do not change the attack score, but each attack that they cannot defend causes a loss of points.

As a result of the red team attacks that lasted for 2 days, approximately 10 thousand different attacks are carried out, and the blue teams, which can defend the critical infrastructures in the best way in terms of tactics, investigation and procedural terms, are ranked based on the total scores consisting of usability, accessibility and attack prevention scores, as well as the weighted averages of these scores.

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