Rüsumat No:4 Ship Will Continue to Live With Its Unforgettable Story

Rusumat No Ship Will Continue to Live With Its Unforgettable Story
Rüsumat No4 Ship Will Continue to Live With Its Unforgettable Story

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. The most important stage in the Rüsumat No:2019 Ship project, which Mehmet Hilmi Güler promised to keep his memory alive when he took office in 4, has taken place. After the ship's construction, the pooling process was completed. Now counting the days for the opening, the Rüsumat No:4 ship will continue to live with its unforgettable story.

The works for the Rüsumat No: 4 Ship Display Area and the Open Air Museum are continuing on the Altınordu coast, where the Founder of the Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, landed when he arrived in Ordu on the Hamidiye cruiser. President Güler, who closely follows the works, said, “We will bring our historical past together with the future. We will keep the memories of our ship, which smells of history, alive in Ordu.”


The epic of the ship Rüsumat No: 1921, which was sunk on the coast of Ordu in 4 to get rid of Greek ships, and then floated again, which took its place in the pages of history with an event that will not be forgotten in the War of Independence, is carried to the future with the works of the Metropolitan Municipality.


Within the scope of the project, 75 percent of which was completed, the ship parts prepared in the workshop were combined in the construction site and its skeleton was formed. The ship's skeleton was taken into the pool. The production of wooden blocks within the scope of the project was completed in the workshop and brought to the site. Ceramic coating manufacturing in the pool and engine room has come to an end. Mechanical works in the pool engine room and electrical productions in the pool and engine room continue.


Within the scope of the Rüsumat No:4 Ship Display Area and Open Air Museum Project, which is intended to be completed and put into service in May, a mechanical installation and lighting system will be installed in the pool. Ship constructions will be completed and the interior will be turned into a museum, a walking path will be arranged around the pool and environmental lighting will be made around the pool. A walking path will be built to provide transportation from land to the ship.

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