President Seçer: 'Mersin Metro Construction Continues'

President Secer Mersin Metro Construction Continues
President Seçer 'Mersin Metro Construction Continues'

The 2022st Joining Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council in April 1 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. President Seçer, speaking about Metro, which has been the subject of 'dream' criticisms due to its lack of progress after the groundbreaking ceremony, said, “This is my announcement to those who dissent about the fact that we are lying; construction continues”.

At the Assembly Meeting, a total of 22 items were discussed, 13 of which came from the administration and 35 that were referred to the commissions. The 2021 Activity Report was accepted by the Metropolitan Municipality Council with a majority of votes.

Mayor Seçer said, “The municipality we took over with a debt of 400 million dollars now has a debt of 107 million dollars. We are an administration that has ensured financial discipline in the municipality. We know what we're doing. That's why this ship is going," he said.

Metro loan is waiting for signature at Presidency

President Seçer, who also made evaluations about Mersin Metro, said: “The Parliament gave the authority to borrow for the Metro on 16 August. This went to the Presidency. To the Strategy Budget Department. He came to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance before the new year. The meeting has arrived. There was a change of Minister at that time. That's luck. Then we turned the year. The year is over. They said, 'He has to go to the meeting again.' We talked about this in Parliament. As a result of long efforts, we have now sent the opinion of the Strategy and Budget Department to the Treasury. It's currently waiting there for signature. I have been waiting for an appointment from the President for about a month. Now I want our citizens to listen to this too. Mersin Metro is a project included in the investment program. It is included in the Presidential Strategy Plan for 1 and in the investment program. Why is external financing approval not given for a project included in the investment program? There is a certain calculation technique. If the municipality's debt is higher than the result of that calculation technique, it is not given. My final balance sheet is here. I also put the numbers according to that calculation technique, the result is far below the figure.”

“I will add to my day and night, I will continue that construction with my own means”

Expressing that there are some rumors in the public that "an imaginary foundation has been laid", Seçer said, “No, you can go and visit. The construction of the first station has started, it continues. In the old bus station. 2. Your station will start there. They are taking precautions in terms of traffic, friends. Moreover, the Decision of the Protection Board came to us the previous week. That's the protection zone, it's entering the protection zone. Now, I don't even use this word about the subway, that we deceive the people of Mersin; Here is my announcement to those who misrepresent that we are lying; construction continues. The contractor is there. These have been designed in accordance with the legislation, permissions have been obtained from the institutions, they are in the Presidency 2022 Investment Program, the first financing part, 900 million lira, was approved by the Mersin Metropolitan Assembly on 16 August 2021 and the borrowing authority was given to me, currently at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. waiting. Let the Minister sign tomorrow; we will use the financing as soon as possible. This is at least 4-5 months. But despite everything, I want to make a promise to the people of Mersin from here. Regardless of the conditions, there is one year left until the general election. No one knows what will come out of the ballot box in 1 year. I am sure that Mr. President will make an appointment in this 1 year, he will see that we have been treated unfairly in this regard, he will contribute and help the people of Mersin. I am sure of that. But suppose that such a development did not occur. In order not to stop that construction, I will add to my day and night, and I will continue that construction with my own means. I give this as a promise to the people of Mersin from here," he said.

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