Platform Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors Together

Platform Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors Together
Platform Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors Together

Initiative Crowdfunding Platform Inc., which was created by the Capital Markets Board, was licensed on February 24, 2022 in the field of "Share-Based Crowdfunding".

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new generation funding system that brings together many small supports to raise capital for a business, project or individual. This method accelerates and democratizes the funding process by spreading the funding to the grassroots.

What does the crowdfunding communiqué bring?

With the regulation called “Communiqué on Share Based Crowdfunding” published by the CMB on October 3, 2019, the legal application area of ​​crowdfunding platforms has become clear. This application area expanded with the “Communiqué on Crowdfunding” published by the CMB on October 27, 2021, and included debt-based crowdfunding. Share and borrowing-based crowdfunding activities are carried out through crowdfunding platforms listed/authorized by the CMB.

What is, which was created to collect the funds needed by venture companies that plan to produce technological products and services with high added value and competitiveness in our country, brings entrepreneurs and investors together., which was listed and licensed by the CMB in the field of Share Based Crowdfunding; It mediates in bringing together the capital needed for the realization of technology and production-oriented projects with the support of the masses. While it provides the funds to the entrepreneurs, it also offers profitable investment opportunities to the investors.

Initiative Crowdfunding Platform Inc. Its founder, Yavuz Kuş, said, “Our aim is to bring entrepreneurs and investors together on a common platform. There are many entrepreneurs who want to make a difference with their ideas. It is very important for entrepreneurs to meet with the right investors. We established so that both investors and entrepreneurs can take a healthy step. We continue our activities with a young and dynamic team and we aim to carry out studies that make a difference in this field.” made statements.

Sharing important data about entrepreneurs in Turkey, Yavuz Kuş continued his explanations on the subject with the following words: “TUIK announced the number of entrepreneurs between 2009-2019. The data presented here also reveal how much entrepreneurial activity has increased. Between the years mentioned, the number of enterprises in Turkey increased by 570 thousand to 3 million 278 thousand. This shows us that the increase in entrepreneurial activities is at the level of 21 percent. In the 10-year period, the sector with the highest number of initiatives was the construction sector. The number of startups, which was 2009 in 138.374, reached 2019 in 224.574. In addition, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of entrepreneurs in administrative and support services. The increase in the number of shopping malls led to the growth of administrative and support services. Our main goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs meet with the right investors in parallel with the increase in the number of entrepreneurs.”

“ is an Important Initiative for Us”

Making statements about, the venture model that brings entrepreneurs and investors together on the same platform, Yavuz Kuş gave the following words in his statements: “I can say that the increase in startups, which increased from 2009 to 2019, continues in 2020 as well. Startups in Turkey have received a total investment of 2020 million dollars in the third quarter of 3. Entrepreneurs encountering the right investors makes it possible to make investments effectively. We evaluated hundreds of start-ups in 60,3 and brought them together with investors. Since 2021, we have been bringing entrepreneurs and investors together in the physical environment. Now we do this in a much more professional way. We ensure that investors come together with the right entrepreneurs, and we eliminate the deficiencies in this area.”

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