Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces

Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces
Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces

To provide PEUGEOT 9X8's FIA World Endurance Championship team with advanced digital tools, PEUGEOT SPORT has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Capgemini, the world leader in digital transformation. As the brand prepares to return to high-end endurance racing this summer, it will leverage Capgemini's data and AI applications expertise to further the performance of the revolutionary hybrid Hypercar in both the simulator and racetrack environment. This new partnership also demonstrates both companies' commitment to the energy transition.

As PEUGEOT SPORT prepares to return to premium endurance racing this summer, it will leverage Capgemini's data and AI applications expertise to further the performance of the hybrid Hypercar in both the simulator and racetrack environment. Bringing together the digital equipment capabilities of PEUGEOT SPORT and Capgemini; will enable its engineers, pilots and technicians to deepen their understanding of the 9X8. Software development becomes a key factor, given that the car's hardware specifications will remain constant over a four-year period, in line with the Hypercar regulations of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship. This partnership will strengthen the competitive potential of the team.

The partnership will continue to benefit PEUGEOT road cars

PEUGEOT SPORT has made a lot of progress in the development of the 9X8. This technological support reveals the latest in motorsport progress. Capgemini's proprietary computational capability, algorithms and artificial intelligence, software developed in the motorsports and automobile industry are vital for acceleration and regeneration (restricted to 200 kW by regulation). This computational capability will also complement performance and reliability parameters to provide precise energy management. Improvements made by PEUGEOT SPORT and Capgemini to improve the performance of the new Hypercar in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship will continue to benefit PEUGEOT road cars.

The nature of artificial intelligence fits perfectly with the spirit that guided the design of the PEUGEOT 9X8. Ability to analyze the behavior of the car in real time; It creates new opportunities for the team, including complementing rapidly evolving technologies in motorsports, contributing to the continued pursuit of higher performance, and considering a much wider range of racing scenarios.

“Best example of technological excellence”

PEUGEOT SPORT Director Jean-Marc Finot, who started his evaluation by saying, “We are delighted to join forces with digital technology leader, data and artificial intelligence specialist Capgemini to develop and operate the PEUGEOT 9X8, continued: Every meter it takes will be recorded, processed and analyzed using Capgemini's ultra-advanced tools, in addition to the data collected by the team. "PEUGEOT's relationship with Capgemini is the epitome of technological excellence and demonstrates how the group has evolved into a technology company."

“We continue to work to shape the future”

“It's great to work with PEUGEOT SPORT, which aims to make the PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid Hypercar an icon of the era,” said Capgemini Southern Europe Strategic Business Unit CEO and Group Executive Board Member Jérôme Siméon. It will be very enjoyable to present it to SPORT experts. Together, we will drive Hypercar's performance forward. Our partnership has a strong technological dimension. "By strengthening Capgemini's longstanding relationship with the Stellantis Group, we are realizing our shared values ​​and goals to shape the future of transportation through innovative, sustainable solutions."

9X8's technology sheds light on the future

Designed by PEUGEOT SPORT in collaboration with the PEUGEOT Style and Design Department, the 9X8 is in line with the brand's commitment to innovative and more sustainable transportation; It is based on a completely new and efficient aerodynamic concept. However, it runs entirely on renewable fuel and is equipped with new generation batteries. The harsh conditions encountered in motorsports, but particularly in endurance racing, serve as a valuable laboratory that allows the brand to evaluate solutions to strategic challenges. While PEUGEOT is focused on accelerating the development of the car, with its test program starting on the track in December, development work specifically includes the powertrain and electric all-wheel system. PEUGEOT's values; Drivers of standard road cars will also benefit from the technological advances made with the 9X8, which serves as the flagship in terms of attractive design, arousing emotions and perfection.

The partnership also aligns with Capgemini's global sports sponsorship strategy. This strategy aims to foster notions of team spirit and courage through its relationships with major brands and sporting events around the world (including the Men's and Women's Rugby World Cups and the Ryder Cup in golf), while enhancing technological expertise, performance and fan experience.

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