People with Weak Self-Strength Cannot Overcome Difficult Conditions

People with Weak Self-Strength May Not Overcome Difficult Conditions
People with Weak Self-Strength Cannot Overcome Difficult Conditions

While there are good, beautiful and enjoyable aspects of life, there are sometimes challenging situations that are difficult to cope with. Experts say that if a person's self-confidence is weak, the child side outweighs and cannot overcome difficult conditions. Experts say that psychologically sound people are more capable of dealing with difficult situations and recommend focusing on realistic solutions instead of unrealistic ones in times of need.

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak talked about human behaviors that occur in the face of difficult situations and shared his recommendations for a healthy struggle.

Dealing with difficult situations creates stress

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak, stating that life has good, beautiful and enjoyable aspects, and sometimes difficult situations to cope with, said, “These difficult situations can be individual problems such as loss of job, loss of a relative or illness, as well as sometimes economic problems, earthquakes, etc. There may also be social problems due to external factors such as natural disasters. The situations we call difficult are those that disrupt the natural flow of daily life and prevent us from continuing. In fact, dealing with these situations creates a certain amount of stress for all of us. However, in researches, we see that some people are resistant to such difficult situations. This is called psychological resilience or resilience.” used the phrases.

Some people are psychologically gifted

Stating that some people are psychologically more talented in dealing with undesirable negative conditions or stressful events that seem difficult, Parlak said, "These are people we call psychologically healthy. We have some inner side, we have a child side in our soul. Our child side wants everything to be in place, in search of pleasure. Everyone is born with a child side. A baby is born on the basis of survival, comfort and pleasure, like all other living things. But later, when we are exposed to the environment in which we were born with the socialization process, we internalize that cultural environment. It becomes our parental side.” said.

We must strengthen our healthy adult side

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak said that adults with a healthy adult mode are better able to manage difficult and stressful situations, unexpected events, sudden changes, negative and undesirable negative consequences that await the person and continued his words as follows:

“In natural disasters, some people adapt to the situation and help both themselves and those around them. Even though they are victims of natural disasters, they control the environment and themselves, and help people who have been traumatized in the disaster area. Others are affected psychologically and do not know what to do during a disaster. If our self-power is weak, our child side outweighs, we cannot overcome difficult conditions. If our parental situation is heavy, we can be cruel to ourselves, we cannot manage the difficult situation. What we need to manage our difficult situation is to recognize and strengthen our healthy adult side.”

Focus on real solutions

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak, emphasizing that we should focus on the real solutions we need at that moment by suppressing the emotions of our adult side and the child within us, said, “We should accept our emotions and get help if necessary for those difficult conditions. When we do not calm our inner feelings, our child side will experience much more intense emotions in difficult situations. When faced with a difficult situation, we cannot control our childlike emotions. If the extent of the event is very severe, even if we are a healthy adult, we can feel very weak, weak and helpless due to the effect of the trauma and worry a lot, or some physical, physiological and psychological reactions do not pass for a long time. That's why some difficult situations are very hurtful for everyone. If the severity of the incident is high, it is necessary to seek professional support.” she said.

Here are the movie and book recommendations from the expert…

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak suggested movies and books that will help us better understand our healthy adult side.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak, who recommends watching the movie 'Inverted Face', which talks about our inner child, parent and adult sides; He also recommended reading the book 'Rediscover Life', which deals with all our inner sides.

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