One Soldier Was Martyred In Operation Claw Lock, 4 Soldiers Wounded

A Soldier Was Martyred In Pence Lock Operation Soldier Wounded
One Soldier Was Martyred, 4 Soldiers Wounded in Operation Claw Lock

The Ministry of National Defense announced that Contract Private Yunus Kalkan was martyred and 4 soldiers were injured as a result of the rocket launch attack carried out by terrorists in the Claw-Lock Operation region.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that Contract Private Yunus Kalkan was martyred in the Claw-Lock Operation region and 4 soldiers were injured.

In the statement, "In the rocket launcher attack on one of our elements on April 26, 2022, in the Claw-Kilit operation region, our heroic comrade Is.Söz. Private Yunus Kalkan was martyred, four of our heroic comrades were injured, and they were immediately transferred to the hospital and their treatment started.

We wish God's mercy on our martyr, who lost his life in this incident that left us with deep pain and sadness, our condolences and patience to his grieving family, the Turkish Armed Forces and our noble nation, and a speedy recovery to our injured personnel.

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