Are Metros, IETT Buses, Metrobus and City Lines Free in Bayram?

On Bayram, Metros IETT Buses Metrobus and City Lines Are Free
Are Metros, IETT Buses, Metrobus and City Lines Free During Bayram?

IMM will be on the field with a large number of teams so that Istanbulites can have a peaceful Eid al-Fitr holiday. In Istanbul, public transportation vehicles will provide free service on May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day, and the 3-day Bayram holiday. Passenger density will be monitored instantly, and additional flights will be placed on the necessary lines. Cleaning and maintenance works have also been started in mosques, cemeteries, squares and green areas for holiday visits and trips.

While Turkey and Istanbul are preparing for the May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day and the 3-day Eid-al-Fitr holiday, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues its preparations for the 29-day holiday that will begin on Friday, 5 April. In Istanbul, public transportation vehicles will provide free service on May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day, and May 2-3-4 Ramadan Feast.

IETT will organize expeditions on the bus lines and metrobus during the 3-day Bayram according to its plan on Saturday. There will be spare buses and drivers in the garages. If necessary, the passenger density will be intervened immediately with additional flights. Vehicle and driver competency checks will continue uninterrupted in order to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. In order to prevent passenger grievances, controls will also be provided in the route and stop areas.

After the holiday, IETT will operate on Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6, according to the normal weekday schedule. Spare vehicles will be kept in garages and busy platforms, and additional expeditions will be organized when necessary.

On the other hand, the weekend schedule will be applied between 1-4 May for Metro Istanbul and City Lines. During the holiday, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M9 metro; Our T1, T4, T5 tram and F1 funicular lines will continue until 02.00:XNUMX. Again, depending on the passenger density, additional flights will be added when necessary.

Great Istanbul Bus Station and Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station are kept under surveillance with security cameras in the entire field so that intercity passengers and transporters can travel without encountering any adverse events. Security forces, IMM Police and security officers carry out actual checks for the peace of passengers and employees.


IMM Teams; He started cleaning works to prepare mosques, tombs, martyrdoms and cemeteries in Istanbul for Eid visits. Cleaning and washing works will continue in the city's squares and main streets during the holiday.

During the holiday, the collection and disposal of medical, industrial and excavation wastes will be carried out without interruption. Sea and coastal cleaning will continue without interruption. In addition, the main roads, squares, Marmaray and metro entrances and exits, overpasses-underpasses, bus platforms/stops throughout Istanbul will be cleaned. In addition to Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir stores, mechanical washing, mechanical sweeping and manual sweeping will be carried out in public areas of public use, such as hospitals and various public institutions.


It has started to work so that Istanbulites can do their activities such as resting, picnic and sports safely and peacefully during the Bayram holiday. With a team of 2 thousand people in total, services such as maintenance, cleaning, irrigation and mowing the grass of the green areas of more than 70 million square meters in Istanbul are carried out. Planting and pruning works, as well as seasonal flower planting, will continue during the holiday.


IMM Police will be on duty for 5 days without interruption of IMM services and with auxiliary services to Police units in traffic. Fire and ambulance services will continue 7/24. İBB subsidiary İSTGÜVEN AŞ will be on duty in all facilities, cemeteries, green areas and mosques that provide security services.

IMM Home Health Unit will continue to serve with teams on duty during the holiday. The Istanbul Hospice Directorate will provide electronic and visual communication between the residents of nursing homes and nursing homes during the holiday with their relatives.


IMM subsidiary Istanbul Halk Bread will send its products specially produced for PKU and Celiac patients as gift packages due to Ramadan Feast. 2.600 gift boxes consisting of gluten-free starchy mixtures and gluten-free bread and cookies will be delivered to PKU and Celiac patients before the holiday.

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