Mercedes Benz Türk Made an Environmentally Friendly Investment with AdBlue System Laboratory

Mercedes Benz Turk Signed An Environmentally Friendly Investment With AdBlue System Laboratory
Mercedes Benz Türk Made an Environmentally Friendly Investment with AdBlue System Laboratory

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which constantly renews itself to leave a cleaner world for future generations and to reduce the amount of harmful waste, has adopted AdBlue for this purpose.® By establishing the System Laboratory, it added a new one to its R&D investments. AdBlue inaugurated® With the System Laboratory, the company will carry out legal obligation and function tests for Mercedes-Benz trucks produced all over the world.

Emphasizing that the vehicles it produces are environmentally friendly as well as having the most advanced technology, comfort and safety, Mercedes Benz Türk offers AdBlue® With the System Laboratory, it has commissioned another important investment in this regard. In the laboratory where the tests will be carried out in order to ensure the emission values ​​​​permitted by the vehicles, the AdBlue® system All other conditions of use will also be tested.

Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz Türk, AdBlue, the construction of which was completed in as little as 4 months® He invested approximately 400 thousand Euros for the System Laboratory. AdBlue, which includes equipment such as air conditioning cabin, vibration bench, cabin heating and measuring devices® In the System Laboratory, there is also a test truck with a refrigerated superstructure.

Melikşah Yuksel, Mercedes-Benz Turk Truck R&D Director He said: “As Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D team, we work and invest in order to respond to changing customer demands and legal regulations as quickly as possible. In this direction, finally AdBlue® We made our System Laboratory investment. In our laboratory, we will be able to perform all the necessary tests to ensure the emission values ​​of diesel vehicles.”

Mercedes-Benz Turk carries out intensive studies on compliance with legal regulations

Mercedes-Benz Turk, which makes continuous studies and investments in order to respond to changing customer demands and legal regulations in the fastest way, is working hard to provide EuroVII emission values, which will be a legal obligation in 2026. Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D team, which makes developments for all Mercedes-Benz trucks within the scope of these studies, also provides consultancy to FUSO, DTNA, BharatBenz and EvoBus R&D units.

Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D team, with the work it has done within the scope of EuroVII,® It aims to ensure that the system is ready for dosing at lower temperatures and shorter times. Dosed AdBlue as emission levels will be reduced by law within the framework of EuroVII® amount must meet the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) needs. Mercedes-Benz Türk carries out all its R&D studies according to these requirements.

In order for the SCR system to work in diesel vehicles that must have a certain emission value by law, AdBlue must be pre-empted.® dosing is required. According to the working principles of BlueTEC technology, the required amount of AdBlue®It needs to be sent to the SCR system at the right time. AdBlue® system, toxic nitrogen oxide gases become harmless to the environment by turning into nitrogen gas and water vapor at the exhaust outlet thanks to the urea solution.

Exporting engineering to the world with its works in Turkey, Mercedes-Benz Turk provides know-how support to the local R&D team for the vehicles in a project developed for Brazil, as well as a project it carries out for the Chinese market. In addition, AdBlue developed by the Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D team within the scope of the new engine project that will enter the manufacturing phase this year.® tanks will also be used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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