Intense Interest from Citizens to Public Education Courses

Intense Interest from Citizens to Public Education Courses
Intense Interest from Citizens to Public Education Courses

997 public education centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education meet the education demands of citizens in 81 provinces within the scope of lifelong learning. 2022 thousand 602 citizens benefited from the courses in January 282, and 725 thousand 270 citizens in February. In March, the number of participants increased by 81% to 1 million 314 thousand 61. Thus, 2022 million 2 thousand 641 citizens benefited from public education courses in the first three months of 613.

In March, 760 thousand 691 women and 550 thousand 610 men attended the courses. In March 2022, the rate of women among the trainees benefiting from public education centers was 58%. This rate increased to 68% among female trainees who attended vocational and technical training courses.

The highest participation is in Istanbul, Mersin, Bursa, Antalya and Izmir.

The highest demand for public education centers was realized in Istanbul, where there were 111 thousand 620 trainees. Mersin was followed by Mersin with 86 thousand 808 trainees and Bursa with 60 thousand 404 trainees. According to the number of trainees benefiting from public education centers in March, Antalya was fourth with 51 thousand 607 trainees, while İzmir was fifth with 48 thousand 274 trainees.

198% increase in the number of trainees

Making an assessment on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said: "While we are constantly increasing the capacity and quality of formal education we offer as the Ministry, we also meet the education demands of our citizens of all ages with our 81 public education centers located in 997 provinces. In January 2022, 602 thousand 282 citizens benefited from the courses. This number increased to 725 thousand 270 in February and 1 million 314 thousand 61 in March. Therefore, the number of citizens benefiting from the courses in the first three months of 2022 increased by 2021% compared to the first three months of 198 and reached 2 million 641 thousand 613.

Stating that more women benefit from the course services offered, Özer said, “In 2022, we aim to increase the variety of courses offered by our public education centers, especially by taking into account our women, and to reach one million citizens every month. For this purpose, they are working hard to get demands from our citizens in the regions where all our public education centers are located.” said.

Certificates in e-Government

All certificates obtained for the courses organized by Public Education Centers can be accessed through the e-Government portal. Citizens who are newly entitled to receive a certificate or who want to re-take their old certificates can easily obtain their barcoded certificates through the e-Government portal without going to public education centers.

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