Hyundai Palisade Prepares for New York Auto Show

Hyundai PALISADE Preparing For The New York Auto Show
Hyundai Palisade Prepares for New York Auto Show

Hyundai shared the drawings of PALISADE, the largest SUV model in its product range. The premiere of the car, which has become more luxurious, more modern and more aesthetic, will be held on April 13. Hyundai PALISADE stands out as the newest member of the parametric design philosophy.

Hyundai Motor Company has completely renewed its SUV model PALISADE, which draws attention in the markets it offers for sale, especially in the USA. Bigger, wider and more modern than its predecessor, the car features significant improvements in its design and technology.

The design of the new PALISADE makes a clear distinction as befits an SUV. Carrying elegance in every detail of its design, the car proves how assertive it is even in drawings. Coming with a wide and stepped grille form, the car uses parametric design elements that have become the characteristic of the brand to offer a more premium look.

Hyundai PALISADE has sporty bumpers, sharp-edged lines and vertically positioned LED composite lighting that creates visual appeal. New multi-spoke alloy wheels support the car's design for a solid and premium look. Hyundai PALISADE will be unveiled on April 13 at the International Auto Show in New York, USA.

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