Good News from Minister Nabati to Public Contractors

Good News to Contractors Doing Public Works from Minister Nabati
Good News from Minister Nabati to Public Contractors

Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati, who attended the 'Bursa Business World Meeting' hosted by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), stated that they are working on a new price difference decree in line with the demands of the contractors doing business with the public, and said: we do,” he said.

BTSO, the umbrella organization of the Bursa business world, continues to bring high-level guests and members together. Minister Nebati met with companies from Bursa at the meeting held at the BTSO Main Service Building with the intense participation of the business world. In his speech at the opening, BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay stated that the business world is going through a difficult period in which the business world is struggling with the negative effects of the pandemic and the wars in the near geography, and said, “It gives us strength to deal with the problems experienced in the business and investment environment and our solution proposals for them in a constructive dialogue environment. We find the role of our economy management, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to build a stable structure very valuable. In this context, in line with the demands and suggestions of our members, our Minister has always been with us, both during the Deputy Ministers' term and as the Minister of Treasury and Finance. We thank the Minister for the support.” said.


Expressing that they consider the Currency Protected TL Time Deposit Account to be an important step in terms of ensuring exchange rates and price stability, President Burkay said, “Exemption of foreign exchange income from tax also ensures the integration of our businesses into the system and the balancing of exchange rates. We want this system to be implemented in line with predictable targets. Currency-protected deposit accounts provide stabilization support in TL, but we also need to take action for the capital of our companies and the savings of real persons.” he said.

Emphasizing that the need for investment in many sectors has increased due to international demand, but there are problems in finding solutions to the financing needs of businesses and in reaching financing, İbrahim Burkay said, “For this reason, the expansion of the Central Bank's rediscount credits, the upward updating of the Credit Guarantee Fund support, which was announced as 60 billion TL, the Turkish Reviewing Eximbank limits and increasing the defined limits for financing supports will accelerate production, employment and investments. The new loan packages that private banks, like public banks, will offer to our real sector will also trigger domestic demand.” he said.


President Burkay said that the biggest obstacle in front of companies' ability to do business is high costs, high financing needs and increasing inflation. Noting that the increases in the input costs of producers, especially energy prices, in the last year, have made production difficult and triggered consumer inflation, President Burkay said, “The VAT changes made in different items from basic need products to housing, from certified seeds and saplings to medical devices are a positive development for many of our sectors. As the business world, it is among our expectations to support these efforts with a comprehensive simplification and improvement in VAT. Specialized Tax Offices, which were established to accelerate VAT refunds, fight against informality and increase the level of voluntary compliance, fulfill an important function. There are two specialized tax offices in İzmir and Ankara. An average of 80 transactions are made in these cities. In Bursa, on the other hand, a single flat has a transaction volume of 110 thousand. The commissioning of the new service area and the commissioning of the second Specialized Tax Office in Bursa. kazanWe also expect support in the process.” used the phrases.


Referring to the sectoral demands in his speech, BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said, “We have taken initiatives both through our Chamber and our umbrella organization TOBB to grant price difference and liquidation right to public contractors. However, while the legal regulation passed by the Parliament in January and the price difference decree covers only the second half of 2021, the right to liquidation, which is emphasized by our public contractors, was not included in the relevant regulation. I would also like to share these demands of our construction sector representatives with you.” said.


Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said that he was pleased to be with business people in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, which brought together natural beauties, green texture, technology and industry. Noting that Bursa has an active and guiding power in terms of economy, Nebati said, “Bursa, which has a strong production capacity in fields such as automotive, textile, machinery, metal manufacturing, food and furniture, contributes to the economic growth of Turkey in its development. The departure of TOGG in Bursa, the heart of the automotive industry, is one of the most important indicators of this.” said.


Nureddin Nebati reminded that BTSO President İbrahim Burkay made a guiding, inclusive and uplifting speech and said, “First of all, I would like to thank him. We have great respect for such guidance and every word that is compatible with the realities of the market. And you are repaying these supports.” said.


Addressing the representatives of the business world in Bursa, Minister Nebati said that they would all see that the inflation reached a reasonable level at the end of the year with the steps to be taken towards expectations. Noting that as the state, they have taken all kinds of steps to not make citizens feel the problems that have stopped the whole world economy in the biggest epidemic of the last 2 years on a global scale for 100 years, Nebati continued as follows: “The most basic success criterion is to overcome difficulties by acting together and in solidarity. There is ease in every difficulty. We will overcome these difficulties. We will overcome these difficulties together with those who believe in their country, business and homeland, not with the clamor that we are dead and burnt. We have high hopes, our determination and our faith. We do not close our eyes and ignore the difficulties. We take our steps by talking about how we will overcome the difficulties and producing solutions.”


Stating that as the Ministry, they are working to increase value-added production and exports in the country, Nebati said, “We continue to develop instruments suitable for the Turkish economy model. You can be sure that we will take new steps if the KGF-supported 60 billion lira fund is insufficient and consumed. The banking sector will guide the business world with very low interest rates in convenience. Dear BTSO President İbrahim Burkay, I am telling you by looking at you. 2 years ago, you believed in those who said that the epidemic will cause a shrinkage in this country. Representing business people, you were saying that Bursa will overcome this. Now, looking at you, I am telling you that after this war, Turkey will be one of the few countries in the world that compete positively, as it was during the epidemic period.” said.


“We are the true sons of this country, loud and silent.” Minister Nebati said to the representatives of the business world, “You will produce, we will serve you. We will be the warriors of all obstacles that block your way. Don't worry. We stand by our business world representatives”. Stating that the Ministry attaches importance to the transition to a circular economy that will provide green job opportunities as well as the protection of natural resources, Nebati said, “We support green production. We have implemented new applications for renewable energy investments. We made it easy for those who produce in agriculture to set up GES. Our GES production will increase. I hope we continue on our way with multiple methods. We are the biggest supporter of TOGG's production. We were very happy to meet with our business people in Bursa, which is active and guiding in the development of our economy with the production power, which is the main pillar of our model, and the value it provides to our country.” used the phrases.


After the opening speeches, a question and answer session was held in the closed section of the program. Answering the questions of the representatives of the business world, Minister Nebati also gave the good news that they have started working on a new price difference decree for public contractors due to the cost increases in the construction sector, which is also among the demands of BTSO. Nureddin Nebati, who answered all the questions of the representatives of the business world at the meeting, which lasted about 3 hours, said that they started work to grant the right to dynamic price difference and liquidation to the contractors doing business with the public, and that they would complete the relevant regulation in a short time. Nureddin Nebati, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who responded positively to the demands for increasing the cash register limits in the jewelery industry, announced a new Specialized Tax Office in Bursa. kazanHe instructed the Ministry officials to

After the meeting, BTSO Chairman of the Board Burkay presented the report, which includes the problems of the sectors and solutions, to the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati.

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