General Directorate of Forestry will Recruit 5000 Temporary Workers

General Directorate of Forestry 102 Contracted Personnel Recruitment To Be Done
General Directorate of Forestry 102 Contracted Personnel Recruitment To Be Done

To be employed in the provincial organization of the General Directorate of Forestry in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers for Public Institutions and Organizations, to be 3937 in the position of Other Forest Worker, 500 in the Fireman position, 280 in the Cook position, 183 in the Other Nursery Workers and Gardeners position, and 100 in the Business Electronic Maintenance Position. A total of 5000 Temporary Workers will be recruited. Application deadline is April 15, 2022

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Open job postings will be published on the Turkish Employment Agency between 11-15/04/2022, and candidates who meet the conditions specified in the advertisement will apply through the Turkish Employment Agency during the announcement period.

Candidates 4 (four) times the number of positions to be specified in the job announcement will be called for the Oral and Practical Exam. These candidates will be determined according to the result of the lot to be drawn in the presence of a notary public. The place and date of the draw will be stated in the vacant job announcement of the Turkish Employment Agency and will also be announced on the website of the relevant Regional Forestry Directorate. Regarding this, no written notification will be sent to the addresses of the candidates. The probationary period of all positions to be announced is two months in accordance with the Labor Law No. 4857.

All information about the recruitment process, documents to be requested from candidates, and the location and date of the Oral and Applied Exam will be announced on the Regional Directorates website. The applications of the candidates, which are later understood to not meet the demand requirements, may be terminated by the administration at every stage of the announcement, drawing, examination and appointment processes.


Being a Turkish citizen, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law No. 1.2527 on the Freedom of Profession and Arts of Foreigners of Turkish Nobility and Employment in Public, Private Institutions or Workplaces,

2. To have completed the age of 18 as of the deadline of the application period,

3. The applicants, even if pardoned, are responsible for crimes against the security of the State, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against State secrets and espionage, embezzlement, embezzlement, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust. Not to be convicted of using, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging the performance of the performance, laundering the property values ​​arising from crime or smuggling,

4. Not to be deprived of using public rights,

5. Not being related to military service (having done, suspended or exempted),

6. To have the requested education status and other general and special conditions as of the last day of the application,

7. Not receiving retirement, old-age or invalidity pension from any social security institution,

8. To be residing in the settlement(s) specified in the Open Job Announcement of the Turkish Employment Agency, 9. Each candidate will be able to apply for only one profession.

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