FANUC Robots Keeps Up With Short Repair Time

FANUC Robots Retain Their Power With Short Repair Time
FANUC Robots Keeps Up With Short Repair Time

FANUC, which has been the world leader in factory automation with more than 810 thousand robots it has produced since its establishment, continues to increase its growth potential in the European market. More than 700 thousand spare components of FANUC, which provides long-term relationships with its customers with the "product quality" and "longevity" of its robots, make it possible to repair robots in less than 20 hours.

FANUC, the leading leader of numerical control systems in the world markets, produces solutions that touch the future in factory automation with its high quality and functional robots, while establishing reliable relations with its customers. Guaranteeing high performance for many years with its high quality product range, the Zero Down Time application offered to its customers informs the robots that maintenance is needed two weeks in advance. In addition, the fact that 99,97 percent and more than 700 thousand spare components are included in all manufactured products reduces service disruption to zero.

Longer use with fewer parts

ShinichiTanzawa, President and CEO of FANUC Europe, stated that the maintenance costs, which last for years, often exceed the purchase price of the robot. We emphasize that it is important. In this way, our robots have a service life that is twice as long as the most competitive products. We also focus on cost reduction, higher reliability and fewer parts points in all our development activities. We always try to simplify our products by using fewer parts. This helps us reduce costs and increase reliability. Fewer parts are fewer failures,” he said.

Two weeks in advance warning of failure with Zero Down Time (ZDT) application

Stating that reliability and quality have become more important for customers in Europe, Tanzawa emphasized that this is provided by the service guarantee offered by FANUC and said: “One of our preventive maintenance solutions is the application we call Zero Down Time. Some of our customers use this tool extensively to schedule maintenance appointments. Our goal here is to give two weeks' notice that a robot needs maintenance before it fails. We do this by integrating FANUC servo motors into our robots and manufacturing machines, which generate the necessary signals to indicate the need for preventative maintenance.”

Robots repaired in less than 20 hours

Stating that thanks to the “Service First” policy implemented, they have made it possible to use the robots for many years without any problems, Tanzawa said, “The total time between a customer's phone call and the successful repair of their robots is less than 20 hours across Europe. We also have a stock of spare parts covering 99,97 percent of all products we have ever produced. We have 360 spare parts in our warehouse in Europe alone, and we have access to more than 700 spare components, including stocks elsewhere in Europe. In this way, we can repair any robot in less than 20 hours. "Although we are missing 4 out of 1 spare parts requests at the moment, we are able to get spare parts from a non-European FANUC region within one to two weeks."

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