Educational Support for Children Treated in Hospitals

Educational Support for Children Treated in Hospitals
Educational Support for Children Treated in Hospitals

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake studies that prioritize equality of opportunity in education.

The Social Services Department is now eliminating the requested deficiencies of the education classes that children receiving treatment in hospitals benefit from, such as educational kits, stationery materials, desks, desks and wheeled blackboards.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes efforts to ensure equality of opportunity in education with its student-friendly practices, has implemented a new project.

The Social Services Department took action to eliminate the deficiencies of the education classes prepared so that children who are hospitalized for health problems do not fall behind in their education.


Social Services Department teams contacting the education classrooms in Ankara deliver turn, educational and educational games, wheeled whiteboards and stationery materials to the hospital education classrooms in line with the demands.

Adnan Tatlısu, Head of ABB Social Services Department, said that they met the needs of the 'Hospital Training Classes' in Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, Hacettepe University Hospital, Ankara University Medical Faculty Hospital, Gazi University Hospital and Ankara Training and Research Hospital in the first place.

“Our children, who are treated in hospitals, complete their compulsory education in hospital classrooms. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, we are trying to complete the deficiencies of these classes in line with the guidance of our President Mansur Yavaş. In the first stage, we gave educational kits, stationery materials, and a wheeled blackboard to be placed in the rooms of the students who are receiving treatment in the hospital classrooms.”

The Metropolitan Municipality will continue to identify the deficiencies of the hospital education classes according to the needs coming from the hospitals and continue to eliminate them.

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