Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park Construction Completed

Dilovasi Multi-Storey Car Park Construction Completed
Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park Construction Completed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made the daily life of citizens living in the city more organized with the projects it has implemented, has completed the rough construction of the Multi-Storey Car Park and the Covered Market Place, one of its most important investments in Dilovası district. Metropolitan teams will also finish the Space Frame System roof of the modern structure in the building, where intense work has been carried out since the first excavation was struck. When the 4-storey building is completed, it will serve as a parking lot and market place for the citizens living in Dilovası.


A space frame system will be applied on the roof of the car park, which makes the structures more flexible and useful. The production of the roof, which will make the building more modern and ostentatious, is currently continuing in the workshop environment. The teams of the Building Control Department plan to complete all the manufacturing of the roof in a short time.


Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park and Covered Market Place will add convenience to the lives of citizens living in Dilovası. The building, which will be used by the citizens living in the district as a market place once a week, will provide parking services six days a week. This will end the parking shortage in the region and significantly reduce the congestion created by the market set up on Ibn-i Sina Street on Wednesday.


'Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park and Covered Market Place', built on a total construction area of ​​7 thousand 398 square meters, will serve in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. The planning of the multi-storey car park is as follows; Parking lot and market place for 57 cars on the ground floor, a parking lot and market place for 1 cars on the 53st basement, a parking lot for 2 cars on the 38nd basement, the municipal police and headman's rooms, a prayer room for men and women, an electrical room, a toilet and a 3 car park on the 17rd basement floor. There will be a parking lot.

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