Courthouse Junction to Breathe Traffic in Bursa

Courthouse Junction Will Breathe Traffic In Bursa
Courthouse Junction to Breathe Traffic in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality; The traffic density in the location where the new courthouse, Bursa BTM, exhibition center, Gökmen Aerospace and Aviation Center and the police headquarters building under construction are located will be eliminated with a bridge crossing. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, said that they aim to complete the intersection in 5,5 months.

In order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works such as road widening and new roads, smart intersections, promoting public transportation, and rail system investments, opens the blocked veins of traffic with new intersections with bridges. With the relocation of the new courthouse, the traffic load at the connection point of the Near East Ring Road to Istanbul Street is increasing day by day, and the Metropolitan Municipality will solve this problem with a two-loop intersection. Within the scope of the project, two bridges with a length of 3 meters with 117 spans and a length of 2 meters with 54 spans and a connection road of 3 thousand 500 meters will be built. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project, which is expected to cost approximately 75 million TL; In addition to Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan, Bursa deputies Ahmet Kılıç, Mustafa Esgin, Osman Mesten, Zafer Işık and Refik Özen, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Chief Public Prosecutor Gökhan Şen and Justice Commission President Ömer Gümüs attended. .

“We work like a bee”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that at a time when all investments around the world came to a standstill and the Ukraine-Russia war affected the world, they were working like a bee and making the moves that will carry the city to the future without interruption. President Aktaş, who stated that transportation is the first thing to be discussed in Bursa, whose population is approaching 3 million 200 thousand and increasing by 50-60 thousand every year, said, “Actually, we have done a lot in this sense. First of all, we prepared our 2030 master plan and started working in this direction. We brought 271 new buses to Burulaş and renewed our private public bus fleet by 75 percent. The average age of our fleet is 5.4 and believe me, many countries in Europe do not have this average age. We lost a lot of time on the T2 line for various reasons, but we are starting the test drive in May. Hopefully in June it will start to work fully-fledged. Again, the work on the Emek City Hospital line accelerated. We increased our capacity by 66 percent with signaling optimization. We still have road-related construction sites at 56 points. We started the work on Samanlı and South bridges. In the near future, tenders for Yunuseli and Balıklıdere bridges will also be held," he said.

It will be finished in 5,5 months

Providing information about the Courthouse Junction, the foundation of which was laid, President Aktaş emphasized that the traffic density in the region is increasing with the new courthouse, Bursa BTM, exhibition center, Gökmen Aerospace and Aviation Center and the police headquarters building under construction. Expressing that it has become a necessity to make an intersection in the region, Mayor Aktaş said, “We aim to complete the intersection in 75 months, which will cost approximately 5,5 million liras. It is an important project that will relieve our citizens who receive service from here, especially the members of the courthouse. Regional traffic will be significantly relieved. May God grant us to finish and open it as soon as possible," he said.

Success story

Deputy Mustafa Esgin also noted that in the last 16-17 years, very important services have been brought to Bursa under the main heading of transportation during the AK Party period. Esgin stated that 80 percent of the investments at the point reached regarding bridge junctions, sinkholes and rail systems were made by the AK Party metropolitan mayors and said, “I would like to open a separate parenthesis for our President of Alinur. It continues to make important interventions one after the other at the points where traffic is blocked, especially at Acemler Junction. Today we are doing one of these again. There are many topics in the 20-year serencam of the AK Party governments, and of course, transportation projects come first. If you have built a double road 80-3 times as much as the double road built during the 4-year history of the Republic in 15-20 years, this is a success story. If you make the biggest rail system investments in the last 15 years, with the exception of the early years of the Republic, this is a success story too. We wrote all these success stories together with our beloved nation. All of the investments are extremely important in order to ease the life of our nation and increase its comfort.

Attempt to discredit

Stating that investments made to serve the nation should not be perceived as just going from one place to another, Esgin said, “All of these are investments made with the aim of serving the nation. In our 80-year history from Anatolia to Europe; We have a bridge built during the time of the late Demirel, the 15th of July Martyrs' Bridge. There is the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which was built during the late Özal period. But look, the AK Party governments provided 10 transitions in about 15-4 years. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel and 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which we put into service last week. Look; There have been 80 transitions in 2 years, and 15 transitions have been made in the last 4 years. These are investments we should all be proud of. No one will gain anything by discrediting these biggest investments in the history of the Republic, which were made on behalf of the Turkish nation and state. In this difficult process we are going through, very important investments are made for Bursa. On this very important day for Bursa, I expected all the party representatives involved in politics in Bursa to be here in this investment made in difficult times. I would expect them to stand by the investments that add value to Bursa, instead of setting the agenda in order to discredit the huge investments made elsewhere. I am very sorry that this did not happen. The title of being an accessible city is extremely important for all of us.”

Traffic will be more relaxed

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar said that an important investment has been made for the development of Bursa and the solution of the traffic problem. Expressing that Bursa is growing and developing rapidly, Dündar said, “We undertake activities that will make life easier according to this development. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, Osmangazi Municipality, on the other hand, we are trying to bring our Bursa to the place it deserves. The work carried out here today will be instrumental in relieving the traffic, which has become a little more concentrated, both as a commercial and a living area. With the completion of the work, we will see that the traffic will ease even more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed, especially the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. Good luck to our Bursa," he said.

After the speeches, President Aktaş and the protocol members pressed the button and laid the foundation of the Courthouse Junction.

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