Centennial Manuscript Mushafs to be Exhibited for the First Time

Centennial Manuscript Mushafs to be Exhibited for the First Time
Centennial Manuscript Mushafs to be Exhibited for the First Time

Hundreds of years of magnificent manuscript Mushafs, which contain samples of the pinnacle of book arts such as calligraphy, illumination, binding and marbling, will be exhibited at Istanbul AKM Gallery.

Presidency of the Manuscripts Institution affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than 70 Mushaf-ı Sharif, almost all of which will be exhibited for the first time, compiled from various cities, especially Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Konya and Edirne, "Holy Risâlet: Manuscript Mushaf Exhibition". brought together.

Within the scope of the exhibition, besides the Mushafs, each of which is a work of art, prepared by calligraphers and muralists of the Ottoman period, Mushaf-ı Sharifs belonging to Abbasid, Seljuk, Ilkhanid and Ghaznavid, Safavid, Mamluk, Indian and Maghrib geographies can be seen.

In addition to its historical and artistic features, Mushaf-ı Sharifs will welcome its visitors with information boards that will feature the pigments used in its decorations, binding techniques and unseen features of old repairs.

In the period when paper was not yet used as a writing material in Islamic civilization, especially the 12-century-old Mushaf-ı Şerîf, which was written in kufic calligraphy using gold on parchment and registered in the inventory of the Nuruosmaniye Library, and the Mushaf-ı Şerîf, which was donated by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, and specially marked gold on paper for Özbek Khan. The Mushaf-ı Sharif written in ink is the main works in the exhibition.

In addition to the large mushafs weighing tens of kilograms, the very small sized starboard mushafs that are mounted on the starboard heads and can only be read with a lens are among the interesting items in the exhibition.

Within the scope of the exhibition activities between 8 - 29 April 2022, conferences and talks on topics such as calligraphy, illumination and Mushaf writing will also be held.

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