Bursa City Hospital Metro Line is Changing Again! Here are the Details of the Revised Plan

Bursa City Hospital Metro Line is Changing Again Here are the Details of the Revised Plan
Bursa City Hospital Metro Line is Changing Again! Here are the Details of the Revised Plan

Olay Newspaper Writer Ahmet Emin Yılmaz, shared the full details of the revision of the project that will connect Bursaray to the City Hospital in its corner today.

Frankly… Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'before ten High Speed ​​Train Station'na, then City Hospital 'what will it deliver subway line in the project Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments We were very surprised to hear when the surprise project started overhaul.


Development on April 5th Bursa'or when you announce it from these columns for the first time, Infrastructure density between Gate and Labor and the displacement of this infrastructure will take time. We stated that this study was started with the idea of

Since that day…

Both our readers and academic rooms especially technique Objections come from men.


"Crossing the Gate above ground would be a mistake” As far as we understand these objections Ulaştırma Bakanlığı also watched carefully.


yesterday too project revision is complete and the news came that the construction site was in progress. We got the details about the change for the first time yesterday.

According to this…

Initially all underground planned 6.1 kilometers City Hospital Metro line, due to problems encountered in the route to partial change She was attacked.

Those problems too...

Especially Gateway Junction called Ozdilek appeared in front of him. Besides infrastructure and communication lines a piped stream there is also. Next to the stream, which is transferred underground by a pipe measuring 4×2 meters and fills 80 percent of the pipe, water layer under the road found.


Ulaştırma Bakanlığı While preparing the project revision, No problems due to excavation on the highway viaduct legs for Labor Station 'from the Gateway Junction'without digging how deep the aboveground decided to go.

Gateway Junction'in…

In the middle belly, which used to be turned, now flower bed station to do. Wagons leaving this station will begin to go underground and after 200 meters they will be completely underground.

The next part of the project is as planned. underground to be continued.

Ankara view: Everything divides Bursa!

When talking about project change… your objections “underground subway divides the Gate into two” We said that it was because of the thought.

Ankara'Here's the view:

"Is there a place in Bursa where the city is not divided? Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Mudanya roads, Nilüfer Stream and Setbaşı Stream also divide the city.”

At this point…

"This is the inevitable fate of big cities.” They said and emphasized that:

"No one should be alarmed, everything has been thought of.”

A new junction is being built on Mudanya Road, Bursa new ring road kazanis working

Although… It does not attract attention because it is not in the city's attention, but by subway together Bursa Metropolitan Municipality de City Hospital 'ne new ways doing.

one of these ways Mudanya Road-Balat High Speed ​​​​Train Station over City Hospital 'what to go, one Almond'reaches from.


City Hospital 'what roads lead to Bursa Ring Road'it connects to.

And now ...

Mudanya Road A new intersection was designed on. Moreover, the intersection With the metro project, the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments assumed.

According to this…

Bursa ve Mudanya Vehicles coming from all directions will be built at the point where the flower greenhouses are located, right next to the high-speed train viaduct. trumpet junction s City Hospital over to the highway they will reach.

From here…

Ozluce'in a new way after Izmir Road Small Industry Junction'can be reached.

Bursa new Ring road kazanwill ache.

Ring road traffic will also be relieved in Geçit

Sohbette ... City Hospital Metro ''with the rise of Mudanya Road ve Passage We talked about what could happen in traffic.

When you voice your concerns friends they said:

"The descent from the Ring Road in front of Andalusia Park was hard. Now vehicles can easily mingle with Mudanya Road. However, vehicles coming from the Ring Road just opposite are having problems.”

That's what he said:

"With the construction of the subway, the Ring Road traffic will be relieved.”

The most curious subject: Does the road go down to two lanes in Geçit with the metro line?

We openly said… Passage'te Mudanya Road it's already stuck. If the subway also goes above ground and the road goes down to 2 lanes, the traffic stops.

First they said:

"Infrastructure displacements aside, there is a lot of water on the route, there are miles. Draining the water also poses a risk for the construction in the region.”

Then they replied:

"Mudanya Yolu will not fall in two series. From Emek to the junction in front of Özdilek, the median is already suitable and the road will not be affected in this section. Since the underground will be entered from the front of Özdilek, the traffic of the Passage will remain in three lanes again.”

At this point…

"10 meters is enough for Bursaray. There are 30 meters wide in Geçit and abandoned areas in front of new buildings between Geçit Mosque and Özdilek” They said and emphasized that:

"Only during construction, the road will be reduced to two lanes, and when finished, it will be three lanes.”

2 overpass and 2 station underpass will be built in Geçit

To the project… Ozdilek in front and Gateway Mosque'just ahead of station envisages doing. With these two stations, again Özdilek-GecitMosque to provide pedestrian crossings between two overpasses to do.

Besides the…

Labor Station 'from the Ring road the section up to the bottom of the viaduct an overpass will be built. These will also ease pedestrian crossings.

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