Buca Prison Land Cannot Be Delivered to Rent

Buca Prison Land Cannot Be Delivered to Rent
Buca Prison Land Cannot Be Delivered to Rent

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAfter the call of the city of Buca Prison, whose demolition work has begun, to be brought to the city as a green area, the non-governmental organizations of the city also took action. Buca Prison Liberation Platform, which consists of nearly 50 organizations, made a press statement and stated that it would be an urban crime to open the prison land for construction.

Buca Prison Freeing Up Platform, which is composed of nearly 50 organizations, made a press statement in front of the prison, against the plan change that will open the land of Buca Prison, whose demolition continues, to housing construction. Platform members who unfurled banners "Not the green of the dollar, but the green of nature", "Don't take our breath away", "Not rent, but green space", "Word, authority, decision of the people of Buca", "This area is not given to Buca, the capital", "Prison area" cannot be delivered to rent” slogans.

“Random should not be sacrificed”

Expressing that Buca Prison whets the appetite with its 80 thousand square meter area, Buca Prison Gets Free Platform sözcüSü Yılmaz Yıldız said, “This place should be transformed into a green area, a park, where the people of Buca can breathe and embrace the tree, not the concrete. There is a need for facilities to be used by the public and civil society in İzmir's largest district and university city. Buca Prison is a building that is identified with İzmir and has a place in the history of the city. For this reason, we demand that a part of the prison be restored and turned into a memorial museum. This green area potential, which is vital for Buca, should not be sacrificed for rent. 80 square meters of public green space, located in the center of Izmir and Buca, close to living areas, universities and the rail transportation system, will be a very important gain for Izmir and Buca. Let Buca Prison be liberated as a green space. Do not commit a city crime by opening to construction. We call on all political actors, local governments and citizens, especially the political power, to stand up for the values ​​of Buca.”

President Tunç Soyer what did he say?

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who announced that most of the park areas in the current plan were converted into residential areas with the plan change prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Tunç Soyerstated that the proposed plan change would increase the density in the region with the construction and that such an arrangement would be against the legislation. President Soyer said, “We have serious reservations about the 1/5000 scale Master Zoning Plan and 1/1000 scale Implementation Zoning Plan Amendment proposal regarding the parcels covering the prison land submitted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in order to get the opinion of our institution as per the legislation. We see that the amount of green space in the existing plans is reduced and an attempt is made to allocate space for housing. This is not an acceptable situation,” he said.

We support it to be a park or a public garden

President Soyer had also made a call about the Buca Prison land from his social media account. In his message, Soyer said, “I am calling out to the authorities for the Buca Prison land, which has started to be demolished. This unique land should not be sacrificed to concrete. Buca needs green space, not more concrete. Whatever the name; recreation area, park, National Garden… We are ready to support”.

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