From İmamoğlu to the Minister of Transport: It's as if he inherited it from his grandfather!

From Imamoglu to Minister of Transport As If Inherited From His Grandfather
From Imamoglu to the Minister of Transport It's as if he inherited from his grandfather!

İBB President İmamoğlu made a statement on the transportation hike and presidential candidacy in Istanbul. İmamoğlu also reacted to the statements of the Minister of Transport, Karaismailoğlu, regarding Atatürk Airport.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlumade statements regarding the 40 percent hike in transportation and presidential candidacy in Istanbul.

İmamoğlu, who was a guest on Halk TV, also responded to the statement of İBB AKP Group Deputy Chairman and Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu that they will submit a proposal to prevent students from applying the 40 percent hike in public transportation at the İBB Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME).

İmamoğlu said, “The deputy chairman of the opposition party in Istanbul says the Metropolitan Municipality should subsidize this increase in transportation. It's a tragicomic situation. This is not possible when you have made a 4 percent increase in diesel fuel in just 110 months. It corresponds to the 25 percent budget of the municipality, this is not possible.”

“The reason for this hike is the government”

Imamoglu continued:

“If we had not made this hike, IETT would have gone bankrupt. With such a pathetic recipe, they are trying to profit with a populist recipe. Losing Istanbul devastated them. Despite all these difficulties, we are building 10 metros.

Changes and hikes in prices made by the municipality are the result. It is not the reason. The reason is the government that failed inflation. The reason is the government that increased the natural gas 3 percent in 235 years. It is the government that raises electricity by more than 300 percent.

It is the government that cannot increase or decrease the income of this country at the same rate. The cause of poverty and poverty in this country is the government, not the municipalities.”

“Minister of Transport is a poor friend”

Imamoglu also blamed the Turkish Minister of Transport, Adil Karaismailoğlu, and continued as follows:

“He is a poor friend. A friend who has never built a guardhouse in his life says, 'The subject of Atatürk Airport is closed'. It is as if he inherited a land of 3 million square meters in the heart of Florya from his grandfather. He has no mind for those things. If you are going to do something to Atatürk Airport, first ask the people. Give an account of how you paid for a tender that has not been made before.

"In Istanbul Ekrem İmamoğlu there is, you will button up your front first"

In Istanbul Ekrem İmamoğlu you have to button up first, 16 million chose him. Who are you to say 'let's compete in service'? There is a municipality that finishes the stopped subways with your signature. You haven't built a guardhouse in your life, you go back and forth. Public Banks do not give loans to IMM. Their General Managers don't come to our phones out of fear.”

“My candidate is of course my chairman”

“Do you want to be President?” Answering the question, İmamoğlu said:

“No one heard from my mouth that I am a candidate here or here. I'm not a candidate for such a thing. Someone points to you.

Currently, Turkey is going through an extraordinary period. This period is a period in front of personal accounts and personal troubles. It is a period that expects responsibility on people.

We should talk about development in Turkey. We need to talk about saving this country from falling into this situation. We should talk about the process. The most important political move in the history of Turkey is being made. 6 political parties come together. I am a soldier of the CHP, a special son. Of course, my candidate is my chairman."

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