Aluminothermite Rail Welder Training

Aluminothermite Rail Welder Training
Aluminothermite Rail Welder Training

Turkish Railway Academy is the only training institution in Turkey authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to provide Aluminothermite Rail Welder Training.

With this training, it is aimed to gain the ability to perform visual inspection of rail welding and welding by using aluminothermite rail welding equipment safely in rail systems construction, maintenance and repair activities.

Some of the aluminothermite rail welding and stress relief training and certification processes are carried out in the Road Repair-Maintenance and Rail Welding Training Laboratory within the Ankara Railway Training and Exam Center Directorate, while other applications are carried out in cooperation with the Railway Research and Technology Center Operations Directorate (DATEM).

The aluminothermite rail welder training practices carried out within our academy, prepared for this purpose, from the video traceable.

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