A First in Ankara Metropolitan: 'Alzheimer Social Life Center Opened'

First Alzheimer's Social Life Center in Ankara Metropolitan City Opened to Service
A First 'Alzheimer Social Life Center Opened' in Ankara Metropolitan

The social life center built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for Alzheimer's patients in Demet Mahallesi Cemre Park was put into service. Mental, physical and psychomotor activities will be carried out in 20 groups of 2 people in the center, which will provide free service to patients with initial, early and mid-term Alzheimer's and dementia. Başkent residents who have Alzheimer's relatives will be able to apply through the address "alzheimerhizmeti.ankara.bel.tr".

Continuing its efforts to solve all kinds of needs of the citizens of the capital city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality did not forget Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

Social Services Department built the 'Alzheimer Social Life Center' in Cemre Park in Demet Mahallesi, Yenimahalle district.


With the Alzheimer's Social Life Center, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to contribute to the improvement of the living standards of especially the beginning, early and mid-term Alzheimer's and dementia patients and their relatives.

In the center, where guidance and counseling services will also be provided, the relatives of the patients will be supported and relieved during the difficult patient care process.


Patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia by health institutions, who are in the early and early middle stages of the disease, who can continue their daily activities, who can eat on their own, who can wear their own clothes, who can do their own toilet and personal cleaning, will be able to benefit from the center.

Applications for the Alzheimer's Social Life Center, which will provide free service by making an appointment in 20 groups of 2 people, on weekdays, excluding weekends, before noon and in the afternoon, can be made online at the address "alzheimerhizmeti.ankara.bel.tr".

Adnan Tatlısu, Head of Social Services Department, gave information about the center at the opening ceremony, which started with the music concert of the Ankara City Orchestra, and said:

“Within the scope of our President Mansur Yavaş's understanding of social municipality, we are working to ensure that our fellow citizens living in Ankara live happily and peacefully, both materially and spiritually. As the Social Services Department, we pay much more attention and strive to facilitate the lives of low-income citizens such as the elderly, disabled, children and patients who need support to survive. We are opening the Alzheimer's Day Care Center in order to make the lives of Alzheimer's and dementia patients, who are one of these disadvantaged groups and especially those who are very common today, and their families a little easier, beautify and positively affect the course of the disease.”


In the center that will serve to improve the living standards of the patients and to help them in their daily work; It is planned for Alzheimer's patients to spend time with their peers in the center during the day without leaving their living environment, to meet the needs of the patient, thus reducing the burden of the patient's relative who cares for the patient, and giving the patient and his/her relatives a break.

together with the patients; mental activities such as matching socks, separating rice and chickpeas, distinguishing sounds, memory cards, solving puzzles and storytelling, sewing buttons, watercolor lemon print, stringing beads, sorting from large to small, limited dyeing, cutting / sticking, baby rocking and psycho-motor activities such as tying shoes will be carried out. There will be physical exercise and walking hours as physical activity in the center.

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