What are the Requirements for IVF? IVF Applications and Prices

What are the Necessary Conditions for IVF Applications and Prices
What are the Requirements for IVF Applications and Prices

There are IVF centers in 3 big cities in Turkey. One of them is located in İzmir. Many families have had babies with the treatments applied in Izmir IVF centers. The samples taken as a result of the examinations carried out in these centers, where laboratory environments are important, and the examinations are carried out with great care and attention. In the results, if the egg or eggs of the mother-to-be are ready for the procedure to be applied, fertilization is provided by combining the sperms taken from the father-to-be in the laboratory environment.

IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. After the completion of the treatment process carried out by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy, the waiting period begins. This process can take about 2 weeks. In other words, it is possible to learn the pregnancy results with the blood sample taken from the expectant mother approximately 12 days after the procedure.

After the pregnancy results are learned and positive, it is possible for the patients coming from outside the province to start the routine follow-up of the pregnancy process with the obstetricians in their own provinces.

IVF Applications

In vitro fertilization applications are carried out depending on the compatibility of the blood analysis and test results of both the mother-to-be and father-to-be. The test result expected from the expectant mother is that she has not entered the menopause period. That is, the ovaries exist. The expected test result from the father-to-be is; It is the possession of sperm, regardless of whether it is alive or dead. If these two results are positive, it is determined that the couple is suitable candidates for IVF treatment. The treatment to be applied according to the test results after this process; IVF specialist Prof. Dr. It is determined by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

In vitro fertilization has certain legal sanctions in our country. It can be done provided that the criteria determined for IVF treatment are met. There is a limitation for embryos transferred, especially during embryo transfers. This is because embryo transfers give a high probability of multiple pregnancy. The limitation for embryo transfer has been determined as a maximum of 2 in our country. Therefore, the maximum number of embryos that can be transferred in our country is 2.

Since the probability is high when the fertility of 35-year-old mothers is calculated, 1 embryo transfer is performed to the mother-to-be in the first and second IVF trials. If pregnancy does not occur after the second attempt, 2 embryos are transferred to the expectant mother. However, considering the decrease in fertility in expectant mothers over the age of 2, embryo transfer is carried out on the condition of maximum 35 embryos, including the first attempt.

There are various methods that can be applied in IVF treatments. According to your test results, the most appropriate treatment method is Prof. Dr. You will be notified by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy. We can examine the methods and auxiliary methods that can be applied in IVF treatment in the table below;

  • In Vitro Fertilization method,
  • Microinjection method,
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection method,
  • Frozen embryo transfer method,
  • Blastocyst culture and transfer method.
  • Thinning of the embryo membrane,
  • sperm aspiration,
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis,
  • embryo freezing,
  • Assisted Hatching (thinning of the embryo wall),
  • Sperm freezing.

Considering the test results of the mother or father-to-be from the above treatment methods, the most appropriate treatment method is selected and the treatment process is started. It is possible for couples coming for treatment from outside of Izmir to continue their routine check-ups with obstetricians in their own provinces after the results of the blood test are positive within 12 days after the treatment.

IVF Prices

IVF prices may vary depending on the treatment method your doctor has determined for you. The treatment method applied, drugs and examinations are effective on the prices of the treatment process. However, it is possible to receive support from the Social Security Institution for treatment. In order to get help from SSI for IVF treatment, you must be over the age of 23 and under the age of 40.

If the conditions are suitable for you, the Social Security institution covers 30% of the entire amount in your first IVF attempt. This rate drops to 25% on your second try. In the third attempt, it is possible to receive 3% government support. After the first 20 attempts, the state does not provide support for IVF.

IVF Method Stages

We have created a list describing the process that couples who cannot have a baby naturally will go through if they apply for in vitro fertilization;

  • Initial examination and past evaluation of the couple,
  • The processes of stimulating and forming the ovaries,
  • Egg collection process
  • Determining the treatment to be applied,
  • administration of the treatment,
  • Application of in vitro fertilization method or microinjection method,
  • embryo transfer,
  • Pregnancy test.

During the first examination, the history of the expectant mother is listened. Here, information about previous miscarriage, pregnancy or treatments is obtained. During this process, a blood test is requested from the couple. While the uterus film is requested from the woman, the sperm analysis is requested from the man. Chromosome analyzes are performed. Findings in the mother or father-to-be are evaluated. Reports are taken into account. Considering all these conditions, Prof. Dr. A day is given to apply the treatment method determined by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy.

The purpose of stimulating and forming the ovaries is to suppress the ovaries of the expectant mother. Medication is started with the aim of suppressing the ovaries. At the end of this process, appropriate drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries. The aim here is to ensure that the eggs have the appropriate quality and as a result, to obtain quality egg cells.

Re-analysis samples and ultrasound graphics are requested from the expectant mother in the period between 2 and 5 days after starting the drugs taken for warning purposes. After the eggs reach the desired maturity, the cracking needle is made. About 1.5 days after this process, egg cells are collected. Your doctor will inform you of this process.

After the embryos formed after fertilization in the artificial environment are kept under observation in the laboratory environment for 3-5 days, the embryos are transferred to the expectant mother.

After the transfer process, new drugs can be included in the treatment during the formation process of the embryos. This is IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Haşmet Mesut Özsoy will decide. Approximately 12 days after the transfer process, the results of the treatment process are obtained with a blood test. prof. Dr. After your picture is evaluated by Haşmet Mesut Özsoy, if deemed necessary, the pregnancy process is started by continuing the medications.

The in vitro fertilization method is the classical in vitro fertilization method. In other words, it is the process of placing the woman's eggs in the uterus of the woman after the sperms taken from the man are fertilized in an artificial environment.

The microinjection method is; It covers the stages we mentioned in the process of stimulating and forming the ovaries. Embryo transfer is the process carried out after the embryos obtained at the end of artificial fertilization reach the desired size. In this process, embryos are expected to reach sufficient maturity. This process is usually determined as 5 or 6 days. Afterwards, the embryos are transferred to the expectant mother.

At the end of all these processes, you will experience another 12-day waiting period. The results of the pregnancy are taken as a result of the blood analysis to be done afterwards. If the blood test result is positive, controls are requested for the ultrasound image. This process is usually determined as 1 week to 10 days. If you live outside of Izmir, you can follow up the necessary controls and the process after a positive pregnancy result with your obstetrician in your own province.

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