Uyumsoft Met with Marble Industry Representatives

Uyumsoft Met with Marble Sector Representatives
Uyumsoft Met with Marble Industry Representatives

The natural stone industry, which closed last year with an export of 2 billion dollars, is rushing to export 2.5 billion dollars this year. Marbel İzmir Fair, which opened its doors for the 27th time in the past days with the slogan of “The Ore of Anatolia”, brought together the Turkish natural stone, the pioneer of world trade with its color and pattern variety, with global buyers. In addition to our country, participants and visitors from many countries such as America, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iran, Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Australia, Egypt, India and Hong Kong met at the fair.

Turkey's technology company Uyumsoft Bilgi Sistemleri ve Teknolojileri AŞ, came together with the representatives of the natural stone industry at the Marble İzmir Fair. Özkan Metin, General Manager of Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Sales Director Ebru Tanburacı, Customer Relations Director Abdullah Murat, Senior ERP Sales Manager Nilüfer Ustamehmetoğlu, ERP HRM Sales Manager Ferhat Zengin, ERP Sales Manager Şeyda Özsoy, ERP Sales Manager Alper Kasapoğlu from the Uyumsoft team. gave information to the companies about Uyumsoft's UyumERP Marble Production Module, which is specific to the marble industry, and its end-to-end digital transformation applications.

“Marble Production Module” specific to the marble industry from Uyumsoft

As it is known, the marble industry has a production model that does not have a prescription. Marbles are cut into blocks in the natural stone quarry, and these blocks can be purchased, selected and reserved by the customer at the quarry, sometimes even before they reach the facility. Meanwhile, each block is given an identification number. Then these blocks begin to be cut into plates. However, sometimes the inside of the block can be rotten and empty. For example, while 40 plates are predicted from block x, 20 plates can be output. In short, it is often unknown how many slabs will come out of the block, the cut slabs cannot be tracked end-to-end, and for such reasons, the marble industry is positioned as a sector that does not comply with standard production and has special production processes.

Noting that Uyumsoft has a Marble Production Module in Erp, which is specially adapted to the marble industry, Customer Relations Director Abdullah Murat said:

“Currently, companies in the sector follow their business mostly with accounting programs. However, in the digital transformation process we are in and within the scope of cooperation with global markets, these programs have started to be insufficient for marble companies. Our company Uyumsoft's web and mobile-based compliance ERP product includes our “Marble Production Module” and this module uninterruptedly manages the workflow specific to the marble industry from end to end and makes cost calculations specific to the industry. In short, harmony Thanks to ERP, the marble industry can monitor and manage blocks, slabs and all business processes from end to end instantly. Here, traceability is ensured at all stages from the quarry to the customer, shipments are made correctly, costs are calculated, and businesses get the cost advantage because they manage their business end-to-end. In addition, Uyumsoft has expert software and consultant teams who know the marble industry closely and have serious knowledge and experience.” he said.

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