Who is the Bread Discount Coupon Given to?

To Whom Bread Discount Coupon Is Given
To Whom Bread Discount Coupon Is Given

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality responded to the criticisms regarding the bread discount coupon applications. In the statement, "As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, there has been a need to make a statement in order to prevent misconceptions about the Bread Discount Coupon application, which we started in Ramadan and planned to continue throughout the year. A Bread Discount Coupon application was launched a few days ago with the cooperation of Gaziantep Governor's Office, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Somuncular Chamber, in order to provide easy access to bread, one of the most basic foodstuffs, and to support bakers and tradesmen living in Gaziantep.

With the application, loaf of bread and pita bread can be purchased for 2 and a half TL, not 1 and a half TL, by citizens who receive help from the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.

The practice first started with bakeries producing loaf bread, and as of yesterday, it was extended to bakeries producing pita bread with the decision of the parliament. Bakeries participate in the practice on a voluntary basis. The coupons received from the person who buys the discounted bread in the system will be brought to the municipality by the baker's tradesmen and the payment determined by these coupons will be made by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens who will benefit from the bread discount coupon are selected from among those who are registered in the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation affiliated to the Gaziantep Governorship and who meet the criteria of citizens in need set by our state, and no other person or organization is involved in this selection. In the light of this information, as the application is still in its infancy and the ovens to be added increase gradually, queues may form in some regions. Efforts are underway to end this situation and to expand the bakeries selling discounted bread. The bread discount coupon has been designed with bakeries producing only bread and pita in mind from the very beginning. Markets are not already included in this system. As such, the criticism that "it is not available in any market" is unfair. “Bread scorecard” is used in cases where the supply of bread to the market is insufficient for various reasons.

There is no problem in bread production in Gaziantep. The coupons distributed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality are discount coupons. As stated in some news and social media, it has nothing to do with "scorecard". This application, carried out within the framework of the Gaziantep Model, under the coordination of the Gaziantep Governorship of important institutions in Gaziantep, aims to support both the budget of the low-income and the baker's tradesmen. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to work to ensure that the support we have given to our citizens from the very beginning, to the extent of our strength, is continuous.

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