Suggestions for Fuel Economy in Vehicles

Suggestions for Fuel Saving in Vehicles
Suggestions for Fuel Economy in Vehicles

TotalEnergies points out that it is important to have periodic vehicle maintenance and to choose the right engine oil for less fuel consumption. TotalEnergies Technical Services Manager Mine Altınkurt, who said that increasing fuel prices are leading vehicle users to search for savings, listed the things to be considered as follows:

Timely maintenance: Regular maintenance is the first thing to do to save fuel. Like all other machines, the vehicle engine wears out over time and depending on use. Periodic maintenance of vehicles should not be neglected in order to know whether parts that directly affect fuel consumption such as engine oil, air and oil filter, ignition system are working properly. Periodic maintenance provides less fuel consumption and prevents engine damage.

Choosing the right engine oil: Engine oil helps keep the vehicle's engine in good condition, improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. Quartz engine oils, developed by TotalEnergies as a result of more than 60 years of R&D studies, stand out with their feature of being a pioneer in the field of fuel economy. The Quartz series provides up to 4% fuel economy*, maximum performance and superior engine protection thanks to its Eco-Science technology. Considering the current fuel prices, this figure means a significant saving of up to 40 TL for each tank.

Pay attention to tire selection: Using class A tires and mounting rims in recommended sizes are among the factors that reduce fuel consumption, as well as the correct tire pressure is of great importance. It is necessary to check the tire pressure regularly and bring the tire pressures to the appropriate range before starting to use the vehicle.

Obey speed limits: Speeding on the roads above the limit determined by the traffic rules causes the fuel to be consumed faster. The engine needs more fuel than normal due to sudden braking and starting. Using the vehicle in the appropriate rev range also reduces fuel consumption by keeping the speed in a certain order.

Run the air conditioner less: Air conditioning, which causes the vehicle to consume more energy, increases fuel consumption. Especially in summer and winter months, keeping the air conditioner running time low is among the things that can be considered for fuel savings.

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