The New Peugeot 308 Offers Driving and Music Enjoyment Together with its Unique Sound System

New Peugeot Offers Driving and Music Enjoyment Together with its Unique Sound System
The New Peugeot 308 Offers Driving and Music Enjoyment Together with its Unique Sound System

The new PEUGEOT 308, which is the reference point of its class with its superior technology and comfort features, also manages to make a difference with the FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi sound system developed in partnership with Focal, an expert in advanced acoustics. Developed through more than four years of collaborative design work, the system is perfectly integrated into the PEUGEOT i-cockpit®, while together with the new sound system, the 308 combines the pleasure of listening to music with unmatched clarity with superior driving characteristics.

The engineers of the new PEUGEOT 308, which has set the standards in its class since the day it was introduced, worked with the Focal teams to determine the specific position of each speaker to deliver an exceptional sound experience to all passengers. As the teams collaborated on strategic parts (identifying points such as doors, grilles, trim and glass) to provide the best view in the passenger compartment, everything was taken care of, down to the structure of the trunk where the subwoofer was integrated. As a result of more than four years of collaboration, the soundscape presented in the cabin has become clear and detailed, and the bass deep and striking.

Partnership of two big French brands

The French approach to production, advanced technology and innovation brought together PEUGEOT and Focal. The collaboration between PEUGEOT and Focal started in 2014 and first appeared with concept cars such as Bistrot du Lion foodtruck, FRACTAL, INSTINCT, e-LEGEND. Then the series production models in the PEUGEOT product range; SUV 2008 expanded with SUV 3008, SUV 5008, 508 and 508 SW. While the two companies share the same desire for enhanced performance and unparalleled sensations, they have succeeded in perfectly integrating this advanced technology system into the new 308, providing quality setup, superior handling and a unique musical experience while driving. Focal has proven itself as a reference brand in the production of speakers and sound kits for over 40 years.

The secrets of the integrated audio technology of the new PEUGEOT 308

The FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi system presented in the new PEUGEOT 308 consists of 10 speakers with special patented technologies. The system, which consists of 4 TNF aluminum inverted dome tweeters, 16,5 woofers/mids with Polyglass membrane and 4 cm TMD (Adjustable Mass Damper) suspension, 1 Polyglass center, 1 Power Flower™ triple coil oval subwoofer, virtually mirrors the cabin of the new PEUGEOT 308. turns it into a concert hall. Besides, the speakers are fed by the new 12 channel 690W amplifier (reinforced class D technology) powered by the ARKAMYS digital sound processor.

The inverted dome tweeter, a Focal signature, continues to evolve with the new PEUGEOT 308. Apart from its versatility, its most important advantage lies in the use of a small diameter coil fixed directly to the rigid dome. Focal offers superior performance in bass and midrange diaphragms by concentrating on direct sound emission and therefore on the mechanical properties of materials.

Polyglass technology is unique to Focal and consists of applying fine glass microbeads to a cellulose pulp cone. This process combines the excellent damping properties of paper with the rigidity of glass. Its rigidity level is almost 10 times higher than polypropylene and even better than Single Layer Kevlar®. Adjusting the mass – stiffness – damping ratio ensures remarkable linearity in the frequency response curve from the design of the diaphragm. This innovation also means a significant increase in midrange. Harmonic damping TMD (Adjusted Mass Damper) suspension stands out as another patented innovation developed to improve midrange.

Through extensive analysis, the Focal teams developed a simulation tool to visualize the dynamic behavior of the suspension, which connects the cone to the bowl and uncovers deficiencies that need to be addressed. Once the deficiencies were identified, the teams focused on a solution that would keep the issues under control. Focal developed an innovative solution by transferring a technique used in anti-seismic systems of skyscrapers and suspensions of racing cars to acoustics. This technique, called "Adjusted Mass Damper", oscillates additional mass against resonance to control it.

The solution applied to the loudspeaker consists of two reasonably sized and positioned circular beads molded into the suspension mass. These form the harmonic damper (TMD) and stabilize the behavior of the suspension at the moment of resonance to prevent deformations of the cone and not adversely affect the dynamics.

Power Flower™ stands out as another important technology of the Focal product range. Inherited from the technologies of the iconic Utopia speakers, Power Flower™ replaces the simple ferrite magnet usually used in speakers and creates a powerful magnetic field source. This ensures stable and healthy bass reproduction up to extreme sound pressure levels.

The system continues to be adapted to the requirements of the automotive industry over the years. This technology brings with it another advantage. The use of neodymium instead of ferrite magnet not only provides an increase in magnetic energy, but also provides an effective thermal ventilation for the outer surface of the coil by the free circulation of hot air thanks to the space between the magnets. Because the coil heats up less, there is no need to limit the power. The system continues to offer optimum performance at high power levels and long-term use. In addition, since it is completely open to the outside, the pressure on the coil is reduced. Since the coil is not braked by the small volume of compressed air in the air gap, the distortion due to mechanical compression is significantly reduced at high power uses.

The digital sound processor of ARKAMYS, which was developed by acoustic engineers in an anechoic chamber for hours and by driving many kilometers in real life under different road conditions, completes the Focal sound system.

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