First Test Flight Held at Rize Artvin Airport

First Test Flight Held at Rize Artvin Airport
First Test Flight Held at Rize Artvin Airport

After the completion of the installation of ILS and other devices at Rize-Artvin Airport, Turkey's second sea embankment airport, the aircraft belonging to the General Directorate of State Airports Authority made a test flight.

Approaching the runway at 11.20, the plane landed and took off again without waiting. The aircraft completed its aerial test flight after a while.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on the subject, the following statements were included: “Today, our aircraft named TC-LAC Çağrı took off from Esenboğa Airport for the initial commissioning of Rize-Artvin Airport VOR/DME and PAPI systems, which was reported to be ready at 10.00:XNUMX local time, as a result of the coordination made with the relevant units due to the meteorological conditions being suitable for flight control activity. made. It is planned to complete the said flights today and tomorrow, depending on the meteorological conditions and the status of the devices and systems to be operated.”

Rize-Artvin Airport

Rize-Artvin Airport, which was built in Yeşilköy and Pazar coast location, which is 34 kilometers from the center of Rize, 54 kilometers from Hopa district center and 125 kilometers from Artvin, was built on an international conventional scale. The airport has a runway of 3 thousand meters by 45 meters, a connection road called a taxiway of 265 meters by 24 meters, and two aprons of 300 meters by 120 meters and 120 meters by 120 meters.

The airport, which was designed with reference to Boeing 737-800 type aircraft for landing and take-off, has a runway and runway connection roads on the east-west axis, parallel to the sea, in an area of ​​​​4 thousand 500 meters with the approach.

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