Selçuk Bayraktar Explained Turkey's First Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Kızılelma

Selcuk Bayraktar Explained Turkey's First Unmanned Combat Aircraft Red Crescent
Selçuk Bayraktar Explained Turkey's First Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Kızılelma

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar made a statement about Kızılelma, Turkey's first domestic warplane, which they are working on this time. Bayraktar, who gave an interview to NTV, said that they will conduct the first flight test of the Kızılelma unmanned air warfare system in 2023. Pointing out that defense technologies are at a critical threshold in Turkey, Bayraktar emphasized that Kızılelma's speed limits will push the limits.


Stating that the speed limit will be much higher than other UAVs and SİHAs designed at the speed of sound, Bayraktar said, “In a sense, we will use the software systems in Akıncı in Kızılelma. This is about 18 years of technological accumulation. Together with Akıncı, we are able to make the Red Apple. We are preparing for the first flight of the Red Apple. It is designed to take off and land from aircraft carriers with short runways owned by our country. Thus, it will revolutionize the history of combat. National platforms are very important for our independence. Otherwise, you can never talk about being in control.” used the phrases.


Bayraktar continued his statements with the following words: “The world now goes to such platforms. One of the main reasons for the delays of the platforms is the huge investment in fifth-generation aircraft. If this were not the case, the world would have switched to drones 10 years ago. The cost incurred so far is so great that they cannot give up.


The biggest advantage of the Red Apple is that it is unmanned. When unmanned, they can do much more dangerous missions in battles. Because losing the pilot sometimes means losing the war, you can't always take the necessary risks. But unmanned platforms are not like that. Since it is a robot plane, you can lose it much more easily.

By removing the human from this side, you are now eliminating the physiological limits that humans can withstand. The aircraft can perform much sharper maneuvers.


Bayraktar Kızılelma will be Turkey's first unmanned warplane. Red Apple has been a dream for us since we built the mini UAV. We have progressed step by step in this struggle that we have been giving since the beginning of the 2000s. We see that we are getting very close to this dream we call the red apple.”


  • The name of MIUS, which was formed by the abbreviation of the phrase National Unmanned Aircraft System by Baykar, was announced as BAYRAKTAR KIZILELMA. RED ELMA will be in the sky in 2023.
  • KIZILELMA, which is planned to have a maximum take-off weight of 3,5 tons, is aimed to carry a load of 1,5 tons, including the in-body and under-wing pods.
  • The aircraft, which will travel at a speed of 40 km per hour at an altitude of 900 thousand feet, will be powered by the Ukrainian AI-25TL Turbofan engine.
  • Following the emergence of the first aircraft, it is aimed to develop the AI-25 TL model engine specifically for Turkey and to redesign it under the name AI-25TLT. It is planned that KIZILELMA will increase its hourly speed and exceed the speed of sound (supersonic) with this newly designed engine. If all goes well, KIZILELMA will travel at least 1100 km per hour. This means the ability to operate over longer distances.
  • In missions where it does not carry a bomb under its wing, KIZILELMA will be a 'ghost' class UAV, as it leaves a very small trace on the radar.
  • It is stated that the tails called 'Kanard' will provide high maneuverability to MIUS.
  • The 'herd operation' capability, also called smart fleet autonomy, will be available on KIZILELMA's computers.
  • Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar, who gave life to the project, draws attention to the importance of the cost principle in the wars of the future. Considering that the 5th generation manned fighter jets cost between 80 and 150 million dollars, KIZILELMA, which will spend 8/1 of this amount, will do its duty 'effectively and cheaply' in case of war.
  • Cost-effective KIZILELMA has another serious advantage: It has the potential to leave manned aircraft in a very difficult situation by maneuvering with high 'G' force since there is no pilot in it.
  • KIZILELMA will be able to perform reconnaissance and destruction missions inside the enemy airspace without the risk of pilot loss, as well as being easily sacrificed by baiting the rear fleet in order to open a safe corridor.
  • KIZILELMA will accomplish another revolutionary task that will go down in world war history: The unmanned jet will be able to take off from the 232-meter deck of Turkey's first 'aircraft carrier' TCG Anadolu.

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