Road and Bridge Work to Relieve Kestel Gürsu Traffic Begins

Road and Bridge Work to Relieve Kestel Gursu Traffic Begins
Road and Bridge Work to Relieve Kestel Gürsu Traffic Begins

Speaking at the Kestel district iftar organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they will start the road and bridge work that will relieve the Kestel-Gürsu traffic axis in the coming days by Değirmenönü.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which keeps the spiritual climate of Ramadan alive with various programs, brought together about 2 thousand citizens around the same tables in Kestel as part of the traditional district iftars. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş and Mayor of Kestel Önder Tanır also attended the program held in Kestel Municipality Closed Market Place. While the children had a pleasant time with the Meddah and Karagöz shadow play before iftar, the citizens broke their fast at the same time with the evening prayer. Kestel Mufti Dr. Speaking after Faruk Çelik's prayers, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş thanked the citizens who filled the area despite the cold weather. Saying "Our biggest capital is our union," President Aktaş said, "Despite the cold weather, you; You have come to contribute to this togetherness with women, men, children and elders. We don't have oil or precious metals, but we have 84 million believers and an ancient civilization. First of all, we have unity and solidarity, which is a great capital. Please, let's not condescend to those who want to break this unity with strife.”

New yachts are coming

Stating that they have implemented many new projects in every part of Bursa, President Alinur Aktaş said that new projects for Kestel will come to life soon. Expressing that they work in harmony with the district municipalities, Mayor Aktaş said, “The needs of the city do not end, new things need to be done. 'What more can we do for Kestel?' We work in harmony. Roads and infrastructure projects, especially the square project, are all being overhauled. Everything that needs to be done is done one by one. Hopefully, we are starting an important road and bridge work from Değirmenönü that will ease the traffic, especially the Kestel and Gürsu axis. As an alternative way, it is also being tendered these days. In an environment where the world is talking about the crisis, we are trying to do whatever is good for this country and the nation, without saying village or town," he said.

Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır stated that he missed the programs where everyone was together. Thanking the Metropolitan Municipality for the fast-breaking program, Tanır said, “Ramadan; It is the month when the feelings of patience, sharing and brotherhood peak. 2 years passed with the pandemic. We missed hugging and meeting in social environments. Thank goodness we left that behind. I am happy to be here,” he said.

After the speeches, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş and Mayor of Kestel Önder Tanır met with the citizens in the area. sohbet he did. President Aktaş did not refuse the requests of those who wanted to have a photo taken.

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