President Seçer Explained the New Multi-Storey Intersection Projects

President Secer Introduced the New Multi-Storey Intersection Projects
President Seçer Explained the New Multi-Storey Intersection Projects

The 2022st Joining Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council in April 1 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. President Seçer stated that they have taken delivery of 8,5 of 67 attack buses with a length of 26 meters and that the remaining 41 buses will be delivered by the end of this month, and said, “We will have put a total of 185 new buses into the service of Mersin residents this year, and a total of 272 new buses together with last year.” President Seçer, who repeated his call for support to the members of the People's Alliance for the necessary negotiations with the Highways for the construction of the Akbelen Multi-Storey Junction, said that they made a total of 3 million tons of hot asphalt and 1 kilometers of surface coating in a 1087-year period.

“We will put 272 new buses in total into the service of Mersin residents with last year”

President Seçer also gave information about the 26 attack buses that were added to the transportation fleet and 67 of which they received, “These 26 buses; will make expeditions to the center and the rural areas connected to the center. Previously, large buses with a length of 12 meters served these areas. It was also uneconomical. Since these are very economical buses in every respect, suitable for those regions, we will give them to those lines. We also have routes that are having trouble in the center at the moment, we will have reinforced them in addition. In this way, we will ease our routes in the center a little bit," he said. Adding that 67 of the 41 buses will be delivered at the end of April, Mayor Seçer said, “With the first week of May, we will put our 41 new buses at the service of the people of Tarsus. We think that these buses will be more efficient both because they will serve the villages in the rural neighborhoods of Tarsus and because there are narrow streets in the center of Tarsus in terms of structure.”

President Seçer, who shared the technical features of the buses, also gave information about the buses they will buy and said:

“All disabled compatible. It has the ability to lie down and descend for the disabled passenger. It has the necessary apparatus for this, and it will provide tremendous convenience to our disabled citizens. Again, all vehicles have Wi-Fi with a phone charger. Mersin is a hot region. Reinforced air conditioners suitable for the summer heat are also available in these vehicles. Apart from the 8,5 attack buses of 67 meters that we will receive by the end of this month, with the opening of the schools in September this year, a total of 34 buses, 118 of which are articulated, will arrive. 84 of which are 12 meter solos. Again the same model of these Yellow Lemons, buses with CNG. In this way, we will have put 185 new buses in total and 272 new buses in total, including last year, into the service of Mersin residents this year. In our projection until 2029, the need for rubber-tyred vehicles in public transportation will no longer exist. Thus, Turkey's youngest bus fleet will be operational in Mersin. Good luck to our city."

“The multi-level intersection in Göçmen is the first bicycle path”

President Seçer also gave information about the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen, which they put into service. Emphasizing that they finished the intersection in a very short time, Mayor Seçer said, “The construction started on 8 January. It took 84 days, we opened it to traffic on the 85th day, on the 3rd of April. Half of these 84 days and 42 days; There were rainy weather conditions. A big thank you to everyone involved here. They really put a lot of effort into it. On behalf of the people of Mersin, I would like to thank all our units, especially the Road Asphalt Department, and the employees and engineers of the contractor firm. Because these constructions cause tremendous disturbance to the environment. It was positive that it ended in a short time.”

Emphasizing that this intersection has different features from the others, President Seçer said, “The bicycle paths were designed in a way that we integrate and it has the identity of being the first intersection. There is a 5-meter bicycle path between the Stadium and Adnan Menderes in that region. We connected it to that route and it gained the identity of being the first bicycle road, a multi-storey intersection. Also this is smart junction. Normally, there is a 700-7 percent slope at multi-storey intersections, which has a distance of 8 meters. Here the slope is between 755 and 3%. This is a good rate. It provides a more comfortable view. The upper closed section is 3,5 meters. This allows vehicle traffic to move faster. Another feature is LED lighting; It can be adjusted in coordination with sunlight. Thus, we save energy.”

“We cost this multi-storey intersection 4 million 294 thousand dollars”

President Seçer, who shared the figures by saying that they made the multi-storey intersections quite affordable compared to the others in this period when the costs increased considerably, said:

“The third intersection we put into service. We opened the third floor intersection. The first-floor intersection is the Monument Storey Intersection. This multi-storey intersection cost us 9 million 139 thousand 566 dollars. We know the penny for the penny because we pay the money. The previous Sovereignty Junction; It was built in 2017 and cost 10 million 39 thousand 732 dollars. These were calculated over the contract date dollar rate. However, we cost the Sevgi Katli Junction 4 million 871 thousand dollars. We also cost 4 million 294 thousand dollars for the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen. Of course, without this crisis environment, if the price differences had not been so intense, perhaps it would have been a much more affordable situation on a dollar basis. We work transparently, you know. We have been walking on dollars lately, as the TL has no value.”

“Let's talk to the Highways together to build the Akbelen Multi-Storey Junction”

Reminding that the construction of Akbelen Multi-Storey Junction is under the responsibility of the Highways and reiterating his call for support to the members of Parliament from the People's Alliance, President Seçer said, “It poses a huge problem for us. I also agree, my citizens are right from the ground up to the sky. Traffic is a problem there. I have repeatedly talked about this issue with my fellow members of the Assembly, who are members of the People's Alliance, and asked for their support. Once again, we ask for your support in your presence. Let's all negotiate with the Highways for the construction of the Akbelen Multi-Storey Junction," he said.

President Seçer talked about the new multi-storey intersection projects

Mayor Seçer also talked about other works to be carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality on Okan Merzeci Boulevard and continued as follows:

“In the region we call Dikenliyol, on the north-south axis; We're going to make a pass, a tunnel. If we can complete the displacement work in June, we will start two months later and finish it in a short time. This will take the brunt of both the Love Interchange and the Democracy Interchange. It will provide relief, but we are working in two places on the east-west axis. The project of Hal Katlı Junction has been completed. Displacement studies; there is a big pillar of the electricity utility high voltage; on that subject; We said 'we can bear the cost of this' but there are some other issues. They also need to be resolved. If possible, in the work in that area we call Saya Park; it's a huge area; There is a project that has been thought up to Adnan Menderes Boulevard, but we will divide it into stages. At the first stage, if we can complete it, we will construct the project of the first stage, that is, the multi-storey intersection of the point that cuts the 34th Street, Okan Merzeci Boulevard in that region. If it does not catch up, we will start the Hal Katlı Interchange this year, and we will leave that area next year.”

“We have finished the multi-storey intersection project in Tarsus”

President Seçer, by explaining the details of the multi-storey intersection projects they planned in Tarsus, said, “We have finished the multi-storey intersection project in Tarsus, again; Fatih Sultan Mehmet Street-Atatürk Street-Gazi Pasa Boulevard; at the intersection of two points. However, the first phase will start on Atatürk Street. We leave it until after the plateau season. We are currently doing road expansion works on the 2-meter Çamlıyayla road there. After September, we will start the production of multi-storey intersections there to finish in a very short time.” President Seçer also conveyed the asphalt works in Tarsus district in detail and said, “800 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured at 32 points in total. Work was completed at 87 points. We continue in other places,” he said.

Mentioning that there are problems in the drinking water network in Mezitli, Mayor Seçer said, “The drinking water network of our Mezitli district has gone bankrupt, so to speak. A system that is constantly failing. Under FRIT-II, a grant loan agreement of 17 million euros was signed. We came to the tender stage, but somehow, for some reason, they could not bid. It is done under the coordination of Iller Bank, the money is given by the relevant institutions of the European Union within the scope of FRIT-II, but we have not received the good news of a tender yet. I hope that the tender will be made in a short time and the construction will start. Then we will enter into the construction and improvement of the roads there,” he said.

Work continues on the 2nd Ring Road

President Seçer, adding that the work continues on the continuation of the 2nd Ring Road, said:

“There is a total of 9 meters between Vatan Street and Çeşmeli Highway connection. There are zoning problems and cover cost problems on this road. We are phasing this out. First stage; A total of 695 thousand 2 meters between Vatan Street and MESKI Treatment. In the 280-meter-long İsmet İnönü Boulevard area, the culvert, stone wall and earthworks continue. We will complete it by the end of June. In the remaining 950 meters, there are some problems with zoning applications. We will continue to work in coordination with the district municipality. In other words, after we have prepared the legal infrastructure, we will complete the cover price and the expropriation cost, part by part, step by step. The second stage; The 1330 thousand 7 meter section from MESKİ Artım until the exit of Çeşmeli Highway. Reconstruction work continues in this section. There is no problem in our district municipality's plans for 415 anyway. Now we are doing 5000 applications. Thousand plans are the same. The continuation of Yaşar Doğu Street is Fatih Sultan Mehmet Street. We will also carry out road paving and arranging works there.”

Sidewalks in all districts are made suitable for individuals with special needs.

Speaking about the infrastructure and superstructure works of the Anamur district, Mayor Seçer said, “There were infrastructure works of MESKI here. There were delays in infrastructure works, especially the pandemic, for reasons beyond our control. Our asphalt works in that region had to start with a delay. Currently, we started production on February 19 on Fevzi Çakmak Street; This route is 2 thousand 200 meters. The pavement and asphalt binder level has been completed. The parquet on the road is removed and hot asphalt is made there. Here is the western part. This was the eastern part. Infrastructure work is completed there. Here we make the pavements suitable for our citizens with special needs. In other words, we do not have a separate model in central districts, in Yenişehir, and in Anamur. We apply the same concept everywhere. We started on İnönü Street on March 4th. The removals are complete. Infrastructure works continue in certain parts of the city. Work has started again on Turgut Reis Street. As of May 15, we will complete the works on Fevzi Çakmak Avenue, İnönü Avenue and Turgut Reis Avenues.”

President Seçer, talking about some of the bridge works in the city, said, “We will start the construction of Fatma Türkan Bridge in Mut in May; It was a failed job. The bridge over the DSI canal at the intersection of Emin Polat Street and Mavi Boulevard in Tarsus, the bridge over the DSI canal at the junction of Tarsus 2679. Street and 194. Street, the bridge over the DSI canal to the intersection of Tarsus Yüzbaşı Yaşar Caddesi 2450. Street and Devlet Bahçeli Boulevard, and the Mezitli Seymenli Mahallesi Tece The construction of a bridge over the creek is still on our agenda," he said.

“We did 3 million tons of hot asphalt work in 1 years”

Stating that they are targeting 605 thousand tons of hot asphalt this year, President Seçer said, “We have an asphalt usage difference of over 300 thousand tons between 2020 and 2021. The figures are also in the annual report. We will make surface asphalt coating at 705 kilometers. Of course, weather conditions are important here. We start on Friday now. The weather has become conducive to it. We have done a total of 3 million tons of hot asphalt work and 1 kilometers of surface coating in 1087 years.”

Stating that they received a lot of questions from the citizens about the 3rd Ring Road, President Seçer said, “It has been on our agenda for a long time. We were waiting for the construction of the multi-storey junction in Alone Göçmen to be finished. For some logistical reasons. We will do the same application that was done on the 4th Ring Road there. We start this Friday. It is a route of 6 thousand 75 meters. There will be 3 lanes of vehicles, one lane of bicycles and a safety lane. There will be pedestrian paths again. It will contribute to the course of traffic better than its current situation and will become a main artery with visuals and bicycle paths.”

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