Operation Claw Lock Continues Successfully: 30 Terrorists Neutralized

Terrorist Neutralized in Operation Pence Lockdown
30 Terrorists Neutralized in Operation Claw Lock

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar answered the questions of journalists in the Parliament. When asked about the latest situation in the PAW-LOCK Operation, Minister Akar said, “After a very detailed planning and long-term work, Operation CLAW-LOCK was launched.” he said.

Stating that the operations have continued successfully as planned since the Sunday evening the operation started, Minister Akar said:

“Mehmetçi's power, strength and morale are high. Despite the difficult terrain and weather conditions, the first phase targets were achieved with great determination and determination. Our goals were determined step by step. There are dozens of caves. Those caves, shelters, shelters need to be cleaned one by one. Our operation will continue. Ömer Lieutenant and Kaan Lieutenant, we have two martyrs. I wish God's mercy on them. While advancing in front of their troops and commanding and commanding their troops, they attained the rank of martyrdom. We owe them our gratitude.”

Remembering the martyrs once again with gratitude and wishing them mercy, Minister Akar said:

“We see from the speeches the terrorists make that they are extremely helpless and incapable. They see that there is no way out. They are trying to rule terrorists with lies and dreams. Everyone knows that this is not a way out. No matter how much they hide in the caves there, no matter what stone they enter, they have no salvation in any way. They have no choice but to surrender to justice, they should know that. There is no question of us taking a step back. Our aim, our wish is to save our noble nation from this terror scourge that has plagued our nation for 40 years.”

When asked about the number of terrorists neutralized in the operation, Minister Akar said, “Thirty terrorists have been neutralized so far, two of them this morning. Our search and scanning activities continue. It would not be wrong to say that these numbers will increase as a result of these.” said.

Numerous Weapons and Ammunition Seized in Operation Claw-Lock

Operation Claw-Lock, which was launched in Metina, Zap and Avaşin-Basyan regions in northern Iraq, continues successfully as planned. Kahraman Mehmetçik identified two separate caves with a length of 200 and 300 meters during his search and screening activities in the region. It was determined that the 200-meter-long cave had 4 rooms.

In the searches made in the caves so far;

  • 11 AK-47 infantry rifles,
  • 3 7.62 mm PKMS machine guns,
  • 1 Doçka machine gun,
  • 2 Dragunov sniper rifles,
  • 69 grenades,
  • 2.500 small arms ammunition,
  • 1 large radio
  • 1 small radio,
  • A large number of IED construction materials were seized and 49 IEDs were destroyed.

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