Muğla's Best Quality Olive Oil Awards Found Their Owners

Muğla's Best Quality Olive Oil Awards Found Their Owners
Muğla's Best Quality Olive Oil Awards Found Their Owners

At the 3rd Olive Oil Quality Award Ceremony organized by Muğla Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, the best olive oil producers were awarded. The ceremony, which included a short film show, music and folk dances, was the scene of colorful scenes.

Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı, AK Party Muğla Deputy Mehmet Yavuz Demir, AK Party Muğla Deputy Yelda Erol Gökcan, district governors, provincial and district protocol, corporate supervisors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, political party representatives, producers and citizens attended.

The Olive Oil Quality Award Ceremony was held as a result of the competition, which was born within the scope of the "Lossless and Quality Journey of Olives to Olive Oil" project in Muğla, organized by Muğla Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, and was held for the third time this year.

As a result of the sensory and chemical analysis evaluations made in the competition, in which 132 competitors participated this year, the best quality oils were awarded Premium in gold, silver and bronze categories.

The olive is also a symbol of hope, abundance, fertility, prosperity, happiness and peace.

In his speech at the ceremony, Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı started by talking about important projects that will contribute to the development of Muğla agriculture. Saying that Muğla has an ancient history dating back to ancient times, he stated that the olive tree has existed for centuries as a versatile cultural plant. Governor Orhan Tavlı drew attention to the fact that olive oil is the basis of Anatolian culinary culture and is a source of healing. "Olive, seen as a miracle of nature by many civilizations in every period of history, has also become a symbol of hope, abundance, fertility, prosperity, happiness and peace," said Tavlı.

He also said that olive oil obtained from the Memecik variety olive grown in Milas district is a very important step in terms of promoting the region in branding by obtaining geographical indication from the European Union.

We have planted 100 times more saplings so far.

AK Party Muğla Deputy Mehmet Yavuz Demir said that olives are the first and most valuable of trees, and therefore they are very lucky as a region. He mentioned that the olive mentioned in the holy books is sacred for Muğla. Pointing out that Muğla is a brand in Turkey with its olives and olive oil, Demir said, “During our rule, 100 times more saplings were planted than since the Republican era. We did not see one on the field while we were planting saplings, who are trying to make the perception of olive trees today. Some groups make people worry unnecessarily. Not a single tree is cut down in our region, so everyone should be sure. We are not cutting trees, we are planting saplings. Trees in some areas are being moved. Nobody should make politics over olives," he said.

"Olive and olive producers are the crown of our heads." said

AK Party Muğla Deputy Yelda Erol Gökcan stated that when Muğla is mentioned, agriculture comes to mind as well as tourism.

Explaining that olive and olive producers are crowned by wearing an olive crown on his head, Gökcan said, “Olive means abundance and fertility. I don't find the opposition made about olives right in the recent period. I don't find the politics over olive correct. These lands are ours, and olives are in our ancient culture. I congratulate the producers who ranked in the competition.” said.

Olive oil is a good medicine

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek, on the other hand, stated that they continue their work as an R&D University and said, “Our professors at the university can analyze and reveal the genetic and molecular structures of olives. Olives containing the best molecules will be recommended in the near future. Laboratory analyzes of the olive oils that received awards today were also carried out at our university. We held a joint olive cultivation workshop with the Provincial Directorate. We also want to work with our farmers in the field. Olive oil is a good medicine.” he said.

We are in the second place from Aydın in olive oil production.

Muğla Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Barış Saylak said that Muğla is an important value with more than 150 olive oil brands.

Saylak, who stated that olive cultivation is carried out in many districts of Muğla, said, “We have more than 17 million olive trees. At the same time, we have 17 thousand 472 olive and olive oil producers. We are in the second place after Aydın in the production of olives for oil. Muğla faced a forest fire disaster in the summer months. Approximately 55 thousand hectares of forest area was burned. Approximately 15 thousand decares of these are olive fields. We went from door to door to heal the wounds in 61 rural neighborhoods damaged by the fire, donating more than 100 million dollars. We distributed 100 thousand saplings, of which 50 thousand were olive saplings. " said.

In addition, Saylak explained the projects carried out on the subject of olives and said, “The Lossless and Quality Journey of Olives to Olive Oil project, we started a project with a budget of 3.1 million TL and a duration of 3 years. With the Project of Detection of Inefficiency in Olives and Elimination of Problems, in our 4 districts (Milas, Bodrum, Yatağan and Menteşe), where olive cultivation is intense; We investigate the inefficiency in olive groves and give all kinds of support to the producers. Within the scope of this project, 4 Electronic Forecasting and Early Warning Systems were installed in three districts (Yatağan, Milas, Seydikemer). We provide training to our women with the Phoenix-like Our Women Will Rise With Olives Project.”

After the speeches, Assoc. Presented by Mucahit Taha Ozkan.

At the award ceremony, which was held with the presentation of the famous journalist-author and newscaster Mesut Yar, certificates of appreciation and awards were given to all participants. 4 bronze medals, 19 silver medals, 43 gold medals and 4 competitors were awarded the Premium Award.

Among the premium award recipients was the famous farmer Mehtap Bayri. He expressed his love for Muğla and olives as my second hometown.

At the end of the ceremony, three producers were given an olive harvester as a gift in the drawing made among the audience participating in the program.

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