Mersin Metropolitan Opened the Multi-Storey Junction in Göçmen to Traffic on its 85th Day

Mersin Buyuksehir Immigration Acted to Traffic on the Intersection Day
Mersin Metropolitan Opened the Multi-Storey Junction in Göçmen to Traffic on its 85th Day

The multi-storey intersection works in Göçmen, one of the important transportation projects of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, have been completed. The junction was opened to traffic on the 85th day after Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer and Meral Seçer crossed the intersection with their vehicles. Mayor Seçer stated that the intersection works were completed in 84 days despite the adverse weather conditions, and said, “Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has become a municipality that serves more effectively, effectively and quickly.”

Bureaucrats, heads of departments and technical team also took part in the opening of the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen, the construction of which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department. In addition, Mersin Cycling Travellers Association members and Mersin Cycling Women accompanied President Seçer, and they crossed the bike path with their bicycles. At the multi-storey intersection, there are 2 overpasses in Göçmen, and 1 in Beşyol, for the pedestrians to cross the street safely.

Seçer: “This interchange is a smart interchange”

President Seçer, in his evaluation after passing the intersection with his vehicle, said, “The East-West axis of this intersection is 755 meters. The North-South axis is 440 meters. On the other hand, the closed part is 86 meters. It also provides a tremendous space for vehicles to maneuver and turn on it. It was very good in that respect. On the other hand, this interchange is a smart interchange. Because its slope is around 3-3,5%. This is a significant slope rate. In addition, indoor lighting can be adjusted simultaneously with daylight through sensors. It is also very important and this is the multi-storey intersection designed together with the first bicycle path. There is a bicycle path on this route of 5 meters between the stadium on our North-South axis and the beach Adnan Menderes Boulevard. This multi-storey intersection connects that bike path.”

“The metropolitan municipality has become a more effective and efficient municipality”

Emphasizing that the first degree of sensitivity of the Metropolitan Municipality in its investments is to conclude the works as soon as possible, Mayor Seçer said, “Why? In order not to cause much damage to the environment and to ensure that the citizens do not suffer from grievances. As you may recall, I received my license on April 8, 2019. I started the mayor's office together with my friends. Kuvayi Milliye Junction had failed, the construction had stopped, the contractor left. I had a promise before the election, 'I will finish your multi-storey intersection as soon as I arrive' and we kept that promise. Between the 8th of April and the 19th of May, we completed the construction of the multi-storey intersection. Our second-floor intersection is also Sevgi Kati Junction. We completed it in 87 days. The Göçmen Kati Interchange, which we opened to traffic today, was also completed in 84 days, as of last night. We started on January 8th. Today, we are opening the 85th day to traffic, and of these 85 days, 42 days of weather opposition, namely rain. When you consider this, it means that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has become a more efficient, more effective and faster municipality.”

Mersin residents loved the new multi-storey intersection

Ömür Işık, one of the citizens living in Göçmen, stated that the multi-storey intersection will provide them with great convenience and said, “We obviously had a bit of a problem during this period, but they finished it well in a very short time. Congratulations, everyone's hard work. Good luck to everyone,” she said.

“They were working like ants”

Lütfiye Beştaş stated that she lives very close to the working area and said, “Good luck to Mersin. Very nice work. All worked very well. They worked like ants. They painted this place in one day. They lived the rains, the mud, they worked in the mud. Of course we are very happy. What a beautiful multi-storey intersection we got. I hope we will have Metro soon. It is a very good feeling,” he said.

“It was really nice”

İbrahim Halil Tekkardeş, one of the residents of the neighborhood, expressed that they are very pleased with the services provided by Mayor Seçer for Mersin and said, “It is a very good service, it is wonderful. God bless Vahap Seçer. A truly great mayor. It does a great service for Mersin. We are very happy with that," he said. Regarding the completion of the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen in a shorter time than the Sevgi Katli Junction, Tekkardeş said, “It's great. It will contribute 100 percent to the traffic,” he said.

Stating that there have been great changes in Mersin under the management of President Seçer, Halil Gürbüz said, “I wish good luck to Mersin. Good luck. I think the traffic will be much more comfortable. Mersin is getting really beautiful," he said.

“It was necessary for Mersin”

Necmettin Cabadak, one of the business owners in the region, stated that he saw everyone working with great sacrifice for the multi-storey intersection in Göçmen and said, “It was very nice. Thank you very much, Mr. Mayor. We really appreciate that such a beautiful road has been built. I give my thanks. It was necessary for Mersin, these were things that were late. But I hope Vahap President will achieve these and do all of them, I hope, we are hopeful. He promised, he is really a man of his word in his job, he does his job successfully. The traffic here was really heavy before. It was clogged here, so the citizens were really having a hard time here. But at the moment, I think Mersin's most beautiful junction is the Göçmen junction.

“Mersin is making a breakthrough in Turkey”

Ahmet Salih Özenir, President of Mersin Cycling Association and Vice President of the Federation of All Bicycle Associations, stated that the new multi-storey intersection will benefit the traffic density and expressed his satisfaction that the Metropolitan has brought a bicycle path to the intersection. Özdemir said, “Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, as far as we know, realized Turkey's first multi-storey intersection with bicycle path at this intersection. As Mersin Cycling Travelers Association, we are a community and association that has been working for 20 years for Mersin to meet with bicycle transportation, to spread this culture and to use the bicycle as a means of transportation. In this sense, we work very comfortably with Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Our demands are fulfilled. Our bike paths and bike parking areas are being built. Mersin is making a breakthrough in Turkey right now,” he said.

Tülay Bilir, who actively participates in cycling tours with Mersin Cycling Travelers, said, “We are very happy with the steps taken regarding cycling because it is very important for our safety and to raise awareness for people. Plus, it was also gratifying for us that it was finished in the promised time, or even less.”

Sezer Yersoy, one of the children who conveyed his thoughts about the multi-storey intersection, said, “They did very well. I think it will be very good because there are always accidents in the future. We pass by bike every day. In other words, we feel as if we have no security of life, we are very afraid. There is a bicycle path now”, Civan Mert said, “We also had an accident on this road for a while. It was great that they did that. Thank you,” he said.

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