May 2022 Summoner Period Military Places Announced

May Summoned Period Military Places
May Summoned Period Military Places

May 2022 summons period military places have been announced! Individuals who will perform their military service in the May 2022 summons period and who stated that they want to go to the military service branch will learn both the results of the classification and the barracks and units they will join today. At the same time, the dates they will join the troops, that is, the dates of dispatch, as well as the dates they will give the Covid-19 test, will be clarified.

Military service places announced via e-Government can be learned through the e-Government enlistment result inquiry or reserve officer and reserve NCO inquiry screens, and referral documents will be received via e-Government.

After individuals enter their TR ID numbers and e-Government passwords private classification result query, reserve officer / non-commissioned officer inquiry will be able to view their military places on their screens.

the result of the classification
the result of the classification

The wishes of university graduates who want to do their military training for a long term and on a paid basis will be determined according to their needs and occupational groups within the Ministry of National Defense.

Reserve Officer/Non-Commissioned Officer Candidates, Private Erbaş (1st Group) will be dispatched to their units on May 12.
Erbaş/Er (2nd group) will be able to receive dispatch documents on 9 June 2022
Private / Private (3rd Group) will be able to receive the dispatch documents on 21 July 2022.

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