Neighborhood Cleaning in Izmir's Mosques!

Kose Bucak Cleaning in Izmir's Mosques
Neighborhood Cleaning in Izmir's Mosques!

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in İzmir's places of worship within the scope of social responsibility activities. The teams affiliated to İZBETON, a subsidiary of the municipality, clean a mosque every day. Since the beginning of the year, 156 mosques have been cleaned and made available to citizens.

Cleaning works continue unabated in İzmir, especially in places of worship, which are heavily used. Cleaning teams affiliated to İZBETON Urban Area and Construction Unit are cleaning mosques in many parts of the city.

Accelerating its work due to the month of Ramadan, İZBETON cleans the mosques from beginning to end in the cleaning practices for places of worship carried out within the scope of its social responsibility work. Teams of 5 people wash the carpets of the mosques and make the mosques ready for worship with detailed cleaning work from tiles to chandeliers.

Since the beginning of 2022, 156 mosques in İzmir's districts have been cleaned by İZBETON teams. In addition to mosques, cleaning practices are also carried out in cemevis and places of worship of other faith groups according to demand.

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