Investment Exceeding 3 Billion Liras in 12 Years from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

An Investment Over A Billion Lira A Year From Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality
Investment Exceeding 3 Billion Liras in 12 Years from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

A historical transformation took place in the city with the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, who completed his third year on the road that he set out saying "Another life is possible". In İzmir, which experienced the biggest epidemic of the century, earthquake and flood disaster, social municipality practices left their mark on the city, while investments did not slow down. Many projects have been implemented to increase the city's struggle for local development, to increase welfare and to ensure its fair distribution. Over 12 billion liras were invested in three years. One third of the municipal expenditures was allocated to investments.

Having achieved a historic success with a vote rate of over 31 percent in the local elections held on March 2019, 58, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer has completed his three years in office. President Tunç Soyer took his mandate three years ago today, on April 8, and took office. President Soyer, who set out with the statement "Another Life is Possible in İzmir" and works with the aim of making İzmir a world city, has democratic local government practices, works to develop agriculture, social projects to reduce poverty, inequality and unemployment, to develop employment, nature friendly. He laid the foundations of the historical transformation in the city with actions, steps taken in the field of transportation, solidarity-oriented crisis management model during the pandemic process, urban infrastructure investments, and works in the field of culture and art.

Turkey met with crisis municipality
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has undertaken important projects to combat the coronavirus epidemic that has taken the whole world under its influence and to raise the living standard of the people of Izmir, despite the heavy financial burden brought by the process. While the effects of the pandemic continued in 2020, an exemplary solidarity was displayed in order to heal the wounds of the disaster in İzmir, which was shaken by the earthquake on October 30, 2020 and by the flood disaster in February 2021. In this period, the Metropolitan has also taken important steps to implement the city model that is resistant to crises. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which set an example for Turkey with its crisis municipality practices, signed by Mayor Tunç Soyer, continued its investments without interruption despite all this negative picture.

Strong financial structure
Hundreds of projects have been implemented in the city, from infrastructure, historical preservation and urban transformation to important environmental facilities, in order to increase the struggle for local development, increase welfare and ensure fair distribution in the city. Important moves were made to increase the share of rail systems in public transportation. The international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings once again approved the AAA national rating, which is the highest level of investment grade of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in 2022. Loan agreements were signed with international development banks for infrastructure investments of Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Metro, Buca Metro and İZSU.

One third of spending is on investments
The amount of investments made by the Metropolitan, together with ESHOT, İZSU and its affiliates, was 12 billion 49 million liras. Financial support of approximately 99 million TL was provided to the expropriation works and projects of the district municipalities. Considering the investment rates of the last three years, one third of the expenditures was allocated to investments.

Izmir will be a world city
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they set out with the statement "Another Life is Possible in İzmir" and that they are working with the aim of making İzmir a world city. While planning our projects and investments, we give priority to the needs of our citizens sitting in the back row, and we work to ensure that our citizens living in the city center have the same opportunities. We produce smart projects, not crazy. We say “another agriculture is possible” in order to strengthen İzmir's economy and to prevent foreign dependency in agriculture. We are building a local and national agricultural economy for all of Turkey, starting with İzmir, side by side with our producers, with our İzmir Agriculture works. We are not walking, we are running to make this ancient city, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years, one of the leading cities not only of the Mediterranean basin but also of the world, with its greenery, healthy infrastructure, environmental facilities, culture, art and tourism activities.
The prominent investments and projects in three years are as follows:

Izmir is covered with iron nets
The 2019 kilometer Fahrettin Altay – Narlıdere metro line, which was taken over at the level of 12 percent in 7,2, was brought to the level of 87.5 percent. It will be completed with an investment of 2.5 billion liras, and even trial flights will begin in 2023.
●The 2021-kilometer Çiğli Tram, the foundation of which was laid in February 11, reached the level of 50 percent. The line, which will cost 1 billion 250 million liras together with the tram vehicles, is planned to be tested and included in the public transportation system after the completion of the production at the end of the year.
●The foundation of Buca Metro, one of the biggest investments in İzmir's history, was laid. An international loan of 13,5 million Euros was given to the city for the construction of the 490-kilometer Buca Metro. kazanwill be raised.
●The project studies of Karabağlar – Gaziemir, Otogar-Kemalpaşa subways and Girne Tram have been started.
●Approximately 93 billion liras will be spent on 6 rail system projects of 42 kilometers. When it is finished, the rail system network in the city will increase to 270 kilometers.
●Works are starting to add a new station between İZBAN Şirinyer and Kemer stations, which are 136 kilometers long.

473 new bus
●With the purchase of 364 buses, the biggest bus tender made in a single item was signed. In three years, 666 buses were added to the fleet with an investment of 473 million liras. This year, 33 more buses are planned to be put into service.
●Public Vehicles application, which was started by President Tunç Soyer as soon as he took office, made a significant contribution to the budget of the people of İzmir. The amount that was kept in the pockets of the citizens reached 108 million TL in total.
●The İZTAŞIT buses, which we first launched in Seferihisar with the aim of integrating the surrounding districts into the public transportation network, started to serve in Kiraz as well.

Maritime transportation strengthened
●Sea transportation in the Gulf was strengthened. Fethi Sekin and Uğur Mumcu ferries were put into service with an investment of 137 million liras; With the two new ferries leased, the number of ferries increased to 7. Despite the pandemic, the number of vehicles transported increased by 35,2 percent in the last three years. Passport Pier has been renewed.

Golden touches in traffic
●The 2 viaducts, 2 highway underpasses and an overpass, located in the first phase of the Buca Tunnel and viaduct project that will directly connect the İzmir Intercity Bus Terminal to the city center, have been completed with an investment of 154 million liras.
●In order to reduce traffic density and congestion in the city, and to provide uninterrupted and safe traffic flow, intersection arrangements at 56 points have been completed.
●Karşıyaka Within the scope of 1st Stage Coastal Arrangement studies Karşıyaka The coastline of 2,1 kilometers between the Sailing Club and Alaybey Shipyard was renewed.
●Before the Alsancak Vahap Özaltay Underpass project, 56,6 million lira road underpass works have started to connect Mürselpaşa Boulevard to the Food Bazaar in order to relieve Alsancak traffic and create alternative routes. A tender will also be made for the construction of the bridge that will connect the Ege Mahallesi and Mürselpaşa.
●Gaziemir Air Education Highway Crossing and Yeşillik Caddesi Yaşayanlar Highway Crossing projects are among the new investments that will make İzmir traffic breathe.
●With an investment of 400 million TL, vehicle and pedestrian bridges over 70 streams in many districts, which were destroyed after the rains, are being renovated, and citizens are provided with safe and comfortable transportation.

Quality of life is rising
●25 kilometers of bicycle paths were manufactured. Cycle lanes reaching 89 kilometers will increase to 107 kilometers with new regulations. The number of bicycle stations increased to 60 and the number of bicycles to 890. Tandem and children's bikes are included in the BISIM system.
●An underground car park for 824 cars at Üçkuyular Transfer Center, Selvili Car Park with a capacity of 160 cars in Karabağlar, an underground car park with a capacity of 153 cars at Mustafa Necati Cultural Center, and Smyrna Car Park, Turkey's largest fully automatic car park with a capacity of 636 cars, are put into service. entry. A closed and open car park with a capacity of 4 thousand vehicles, together with an open car park with a capacity of 75 thousand 6 vehicles, are located in the city. kazanyelled.
●With an investment of approximately 198 million liras, a 72-kilometer new road was opened.
●A 40-bed palliative service was opened at Eşrefpaşa Hospital.

Infrastructure mobilization continues
●750 kilometers of sewerage network and 472 kilometers of drinking water network were laid. Construction of 432 kilometers of drinking water line continues.
●196 kilometers of rain water line manufacturing has been completed. The production of the 148 kilometer stormwater separation line continues.
●211 new boreholes were drilled, the production of 24 boreholes continues.
●The construction of Kavaklıdere, Mordoğan and Karaçam drinking water treatment plants for uninterrupted and healthy drinking water has been completed. The construction of the drinking water treatment plants of Dikili Çandarlı, Foça Musabey and Halkapınar continues. 5 drinking water package treatment plants were completed.
●Foça Gerenköy and Kemalpaşa Ulucak advanced biological wastewater treatment plants were completed.
●The Mordoğan Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant's construction continues. The capacity of Torbalı and Torbalı Ayrancılar-Yazıbaşı wastewater treatment plants is being increased.
●Three package treatment plants were completed in Urla Özbek, Buca Vegetable Market and Seafood Market. The construction of package wastewater treatment plants continues in Seferihisar Düzce-Turgut and Ulamış districts.
● By cleaning 400 stream beds, one million 121 thousand tons, or 60 thousand truck materials were transported.
●4 thousand 2 kilometers of road were completely renewed by laying 81 million tons of asphalt. Surface coating work was carried out on a thousand 334 kilometers of plain road. 4 million 58 thousand square meters (808 kilometers) of key paving stones were laid. The investment amount was 2 billion 725 million TL.
●The Mavişehir Coastal Fortification Project was completed with an investment of 37 million TL, and the floods in Mavişehir due to the rising of the sea came to an end.
●The infrastructure of the region was strengthened so that similar problems would not be repeated on Altınyol Street, which was flooded and closed to traffic during the flood disaster.

Emergency resolution teams
President Soyer, who set out with the motto "fair and equal welfare", activated the Emergency Collapse Teams to quickly respond to the needs of the less serviced neighborhoods. The teams worked at 16 locations in 168 neighborhoods in Konak, Buca, Karabağlar and Bornova; Work continues at 23 addresses.

Urban transformation works accelerated
●The inclusion of İZBETON in the construction process of urban transformation works carried out on-site and with a XNUMX% consensus model is speeding up. kazanwas. In 3 years, a total of 2,7 billion TL of construction work was started. Cooperatives were also included in the urban transformation process and a union of forces was started in İzmir. 3 independent units were delivered to their beneficiaries in 619 years. Construction of 3958 independent units started in Uzundere, Gaziemir Emrez-Aktepe neighborhoods and Örnekköy urban transformation areas.

For a greener Izmir in harmony with nature
● 1 million 321 thousand 434 square meters of new green area in the city kazanyelled. More than 1 million 700 thousand plants, of which approximately 21 million 700 thousand were trees, met with the soil.
●Nature-based landscape solutions supported by HORIZON 2020, the European Union's highest-budget grant program, were implemented in Cheesecioğlu Creek.
●With an investment of 25 million 323 thousand liras, with an area of ​​180 thousand square meters, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area has been renewed. In Buca Tınaztepe Mahallesi, the work for the Orange Valley ecological city park continues with an investment of 26,6 million liras.
●As part of the goal of establishing Living Parks, the construction of the Flamingo Nature Park is starting in Mavişehir. The construction works of Olivelo Ecological Life Park continue in Güzelbahçe Yelki. Living parks will be built in Doğançay, Bornova, Çiğli, İnciraltı, Gaziemir and Pınarbaşı regions.
●Repair work continues in Buca Yedigöller Park. The maintenance and repair of the 100 thousand square meter afforestation area in Kadifekale was carried out. Works are about to be completed on an area of ​​200 thousand square meters.
●With an investment of 8 million TL, Halkapınar Transfer Center and its surroundings are being renovated.
●Bornova Street in Alsancak was organized.
●Emergency Solution teams renovated 24 parks in the upper neighborhoods. BayraklıMaintenance and repair works have started in 18 parks damaged in the earthquake.

We protect our forests
● After the big forest fire that affected the districts of Seferihisar, Menderes and Karabağlar on August 18, 2019, the Forest İzmir campaign started. 1 million 736 thousand 155 TL donations were collected. With donations, fire resistant saplings, two containers and 60 fire tankers were purchased; 68 thousand saplings were planted in afforestation areas. The Metropolitan will distribute the 50 fire tankers it bought in the coming days.
●Fire stations were opened in Torbalı Çaybaşı, Çeşme Dalyan and Ödemiş Birgi.
●In order to respond quickly to fires in forest villages and rural areas, guard points were established in Ödemiş Gölcük, Menderes Ahmetbeyli, Buca Kırıklar, Balçova Cable Car and Mordoğan Küçükkuyu. A fire department was opened in the Yukarıbey region of Bergama. A fire department will also be put into service in Buca Kırıklar in May.
●A protocol was signed with organized industrial zones. The fire station in İTOB in the Tekeli District of Menderes became operational. ALOSBİ station will be put into service in May.

Resilient and safe city Izmir
●Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department was established.
●200 million TL was allocated from the budget for earthquake studies. The inventory of the existing building stock in the city was prepared in cooperation with the Chamber of Civil Engineers. BayraklıWork has been completed in all 33 residences in Istanbul.
●Turkey's most comprehensive earthquake, tsunami hazard and risk research with universities BayraklıTurkey's most comprehensive microzonation study was initiated to determine the geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical structure, basin effect, liquefaction and other soil behavior characteristics of approximately 11000 hectares of land in , Bornova and Konak.
●The “Emergency İzmir” mobile application was developed in order to reach and communicate with those who were under the rubble in a possible earthquake. The application has also started to be used by Hatay and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipalities.
●A regulation was made to facilitate the transformation of buildings that were found to be heavily or moderately damaged after the October 30 earthquake, and those that were licensed after 1998 or that were deemed risky by the law no 6306.
●Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary Egeşehir A.Ş. Egeşehir Laboratory was established.
●In order to accelerate the transformation of heavy and medium damaged buildings in the city, it was decided to increase the precedent by 20 percent on the basis of parcels.
●Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan' and 'İzmir Green City Action Plan' and 'Life in Harmony with Nature Strategy', prepared for İzmir for the first time in Turkey, were published.
●Convention of Presidents for Climate and Energy was signed. Committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2030 percent by 40. The Metropolitan has been included in the Cities Race to Zero Program and has set a net zero carbon emission target for 2050.
●İzmir was awarded the title of the world's first Cittaslow Metropol pilot city. kazanwas.

preservation of history
●To revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and to increase the attractiveness of the region, the Havra Street and 848 Street in Kemeraltı were renewed and Azizler Street was organized. The Historical Clock Tower has been restored.
●İzmir History team works in 252 sub-regions on the 19-hectare Kadifekale-Agora-Kemeraltı axis.
●The main entrance structure was built in order to increase the visibility of the ancient Smyrna (İzmir) Agora.
●The Selçuk Ayasuluk Hill and St. A DNA laboratory was established in the excavation area during the excavation of the Jean Monument.
●Hacı Salih Pasha Fountain and Kestanepazarı fountains in Alipaşa Square were restored.
●The number of excavations supported has reached 14, and the amount of support has approached 20 million liras.
●Smyrna Antique Theater is being brought to light with the support of the Metropolitan.
●The fountains of Alipaşa and Kestane Pazarı were restored. The restoration of Hatuniye Square, Carfi Mansion and Paterson Mansion continues.
●Work continues in cooperation with TARKEM to make Kemeraltı bazaar, the heart of İzmir Historical City Center, a “UNESCO World Cultural Heritage”. Work has begun to include the Genoese Trade Road, which includes the Birgi, Gediz Delta and Foça, Çandarlı and Çeşme castles, on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
●Work continues to bring the Altar of Zeus to the lands where it belongs to Pergamum.
●Bicakci Han in Basmane district is a part of urban life. kazanyelled.
●The restoration of the walls of Beydağ Castle and Kaleiçi structures has been completed.
●Historical Yıldız Cinema and Bıçakçı Han were purchased. Restoration works will be initiated to make this region a favorite culture and art center of the city.

New home for stray animals
●With an investment of 38 million liras for stray animals, a rehabilitation and adoption center with a capacity of 1500 dogs with a green focus, in European standards, was established in Bornova Gökdere. The facility will be inaugurated in April.
●A cooperation protocol was signed with the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians in order to increase the number of sterilized stray animals.
●76 thousand stray animals were examined, 23 thousand 500 stray animals were operated.
●365 tons of food was distributed. The number of veterinarians was increased. Units for street animals were established in the districts. The number of operating rooms in Kültürpark Small Animal Polyclinic increased to two.
●1600 stray animals were adopted. The number of sterilized stray animals has tripled. 35 thousand 142 stray animals were sterilized.

An exemplary social municipality for Turkey
●Izmir solidarity set an example for Turkey during the pandemic and disasters. After the earthquake, the 'One Rent One Home' campaign was launched. With the donations of benefactors, 2 million 244 thousand liras of rental support was provided to 22 thousand 150 families. With the means of the municipality, 5 million 454 thousand 36 liras of rental support was given to 913 thousand 400 families. A total of 59 million 63 thousand 400 liras of rental support was provided.
● 6 million masks were distributed free of charge during the pandemic. Masks were placed in different parts of the city. With the pending invoice application, the water bills of thousands of İzmir residents who needed support were paid by İzmir residents who participated in the solidarity.
●Persons and institutions that want to support earthquake victims have donated 19 million TL in different items such as white goods, furniture, small household appliances, food, clothing, shelter and stationery through People's Grocery.
●Apartment officials who lost their relatives were recruited. Hilton Hotel was opened to earthquake victims. Uzundere residences were offered to earthquake victims free of charge.
●With the deepening economic crisis, the Winter Winter Support Line was activated. 369 million lira of products were purchased from cooperatives, including milk producers.
●The "People's Bread" model started production against the economic crisis in the country. A protocol was signed with Izmir Chamber of Bakers and Craftsmen. Halk Ekmek's capacity doubled without any new investment. Both baker's tradesmen kazanand the public bread supply increased.
●The number of households receiving social assistance was increased from 23 thousand to 70 thousand.
●255 food packages were distributed to 577 thousand households. Due to the pandemic, earthquake and flood, cash aid of 129 million 981 thousand TL was given to 136 thousand 49 citizens, including coffee shops, canteens, amateur sports club trainers, cereal sellers, florists, corn sellers and musicians. With the support of Eid al-Fitr, this figure will increase to 157 million.
●The scope of the Milk Lamb project was increased from 11 districts to 30 districts, 265 liters of milk per month was delivered to 308 thousand 8 children. The number of cooperatives from which milk was purchased increased from 1 to 6, and milk producers were supported by 277 million 129 thousand 600 liras.
●The application of 5 million 547 thousand 3 lira education support for 200 thousand 17 university students for eight months, 679 thousand 200 lira in total, has started.
●The clothes bus went to 197 villages. Dress Point opened in Üçyol. We Izmir Solidarity Point was established at 10 points in regions where poverty has deepened.

Every citizen is equal in Izmir
●12 fairy tale houses were opened. In the courses opened in fairy tale houses, mothers were also made into professions and they were allowed to participate in employment.
●Ornekkoy Social Projects Campus, which gathers units that will provide equal opportunities for women, children, young people and disabled individuals, under one roof, was opened. The 'Key Women's Studies Holistic Service Center' for women's studies in the campus, the 2nd Disability Awareness Center and the Touchable Barrier-Free Modern Arts Museum, which is the first in Turkey, were put into service.
●Turkey's first Parent Information and Education Center was opened in the Olympic Village.
●As part of the Youth Action Plan, the working area of ​​Young İzmir, which was created to raise the voice of the youth and open up space in the city, was expanded. The Youth Campus at the Historical Coal Gas Factory and the Young Izmir unit were put into operation at the Social Projects Campus in Örnekköy. Young İzmir Balçova will be opened in May and Genç İzmir Bornova will be put into service in October.
●Game Development Center was put into service in Fair İzmir.
●Free internet service was provided to 6 students during the pandemic period.
●With the project “Izmir Embraces Young People”, 2021 students who came to university in Izmir in 440 were supported with their accommodation problems.
●The number of course centers in the Vocational Factory, which was 13, was increased to 26 with the Fikrimiz unit. 75 thousand 14 trainees received training in 554 branches. Thanks to the Employment Development and Support Unit, 4 people were recruited and 773 people were hired.
●Children's Municipality Branch Office was put into service as Gürçeşme and Seferihisar Children's Municipality. It is aimed to expand the project in all districts.
●With the Welcome Baby project, nearly 18 thousand bags were distributed to families to meet the needs of newborn babies.
●Home Visit-Based Parental Guidance Program was launched for 0-12 month group in Konak, Menderes, Menemen and Tire districts.
●Legal Aid for Justice service and human rights themed legal talks were started.
●Second Women's Shelter was put into service. A Local Equality Action Plan covering the years 2022-2023 was prepared. In cooperation with the United Nations Women's Unit, a gender equality workshop was held for male administrators who take part in the decision-making mechanism in the public sector for the first time in Turkey.
●Within the scope of the principle of “equal opportunity in sports”, three portable swimming pools were established in the “back quarters”, reaching 6 thousand children.

Another Farming Is Possible
● In line with the vision of “Another agriculture is possible” of Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the İzmir Agriculture strategy, which will cure drought and poverty, has started to be implemented.
●Local seeds and domestic animal breeds were highlighted. Buffalo farming was revived. Production of climate-friendly fodder plants started. Nearly 15 thousand kilos of forage plant seeds were distributed in four districts. Local agricultural products are supported by a purchase guarantee. The number of cooperatives with which product purchase contracts were signed exceeded 70; The product range has expanded.
●The local seed karakılçık wheat, which was about to disappear, was brought together with the fertile lands of İzmir. Karakılçık wheat was planted on an area of ​​approximately 28 decares in 3 regions.
●The second of the Can Yücel Seed Center, the first of which was established in Seferihisar in 2011, was opened in 2021 at the Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area.
●The number of People's Grocery branches was increased to 9 and 32 kinds of products produced by 300 cooperatives were brought together with the people of İzmir.
●The İzmir Agriculture Development Center was opened, where the society is informed about future drought due to climate change, and the right methods in agriculture are explained with application greenhouses.
●The Terra Madre international gastronomy fair, which is held every two years in Turin, Italy, will be held for the first time in Izmir between 2-11 September.

Support to the manufacturer
●Over one and a half million fruit and olive saplings, 39 thousand lavender seedlings, 2 thousand 739 small cattle, 268 buffaloes, a total of 3 thousand 686 hives, of which 5 thousand 528 are with bees, and 1018 beekeeping equipment sets, 982 kilos of salep tubers, 780 kilos oyster mushrooms and nearly 500 thousand daffodil bulbs were distributed. Small-scale fishermen were supported by distributing 541 and 621 kilos of paint putty sets needed for boat maintenance.
●In order to reduce the feed costs of the farmers, 75 million liras were allocated and the feed support project was started.
●22 new animal drinking water ponds were built, maintenance and expansion works of 80 animal drinking water ponds were completed.
●Meat Processing Facility in Ödemiş was put into service with an investment of 15 million TL.
●The Dairy Processing Factory, which has a daily milk processing capacity of 120 tons with an investment cost of 100 million liras, in Bayındır, and a fruit-vegetable drying and freezing facility with an investment of 25 million liras are being established in Bergama.
●Within the scope of the Mera İzmir project, a purchase-guaranteed working model with producers was implemented. Contracted milk was purchased from a total of 535 shepherds in Menemen, Bergama, Kınık, Seferihisar, Urla, Güzelbahçe and Çeşme. It is aimed to buy 5 million liters of milk in the season.
●Within the scope of the Project for Dissemination of Atalık Seeds, contracts with guarantee of purchase were completed for the planting of 70 tons of bark wheat and 10 tons of reed rye on an area of ​​4 thousand decares. In return for the harvest, 6 million lira support will be provided to the producer by purchasing twice the price announced by TMO.

For a healthier and cleaner Izmir
●The Blue Flag Coordination Unit was established for the first time in Turkey. blue Bayraklı While the number of public beaches is 78 percent, İzmir is 66 blue. bayraklı became the province with the highest increase in the number of beaches in Turkey.
●İzmir Marina was renovated and put into service as the meeting point of the people of İzmir with the sea and was awarded with the blue flag.
●With an investment of 54 million TL, 53 vehicles and 11 containers were purchased and the cleaning works of the district municipalities were supported.
●The metropolitan municipality became the only municipality in Turkey to use 59 electric utility vehicles. 15 electric vehicles were offered to the people of Izmir through the MOOV Car Sharing Application.
●The number of facilities where solar power plants were installed increased to 12. The electricity needs of the buildings started to be met from renewable energy sources.
●With the slogan of Clean Gediz, Clean Bay, studies were initiated to identify the sources of pollution in the Gediz River and to raise awareness.
●The ongoing work with the aim of “Swimming Bay” has been expanded with the dredging activities initiated at the Bostanlı, Cheesecioğlu and Bornova creek mouths.

Izmir's garbage turns into electricity and fertilizer
●With an investment of 240 million liras, electrical energy has started to be produced from the wastes stored since November 2019 at the Harmandalı Regular Solid Waste Storage Facility in Çiğli. A total revenue of 224 million lira was obtained from the 'biogas plant' built to generate electricity.
●Turkey's largest medical waste facility, with the capacity to sterilize 110 tons of medical waste per day, was put into service in March 2020 in Menemen.
●Two environmentally friendly solid waste facilities were established in Ödemiş and Bergama with an investment of 446 million liras to serve the settlements in Bakırçay and Küçük Menderes basins. Both plants produce electricity and fertilizer.
●Plant wastes into economy kazanA facility was put into service in Çiğli Harmandalı to The construction of Turkey's largest capacity organic fertilizer plant has started in Bornova Işıklar Mahallesi. A similar facility will be in Çeşme.

Support for sports and athletes
●Pool Izmir was opened with an investment of 15 million 593 thousand liras.
●The sports fields of public schools were organized with an investment of 6 million TL. 4,6 million pounds of sports equipment aid was given.
● 300 million liras of sports equipment and 1.8 million liras of cash aid were given to 2 amateur sports clubs.
●5 thousand children benefited from the measurement of sportive ability.
●53 national and international sports organizations were held.
●The Youth and Sports Center with an accommodation capacity of 200 people will be put into service in Özdere.
●81 thousand children and young people benefited from the opened sports schools.
●About 50 thousand citizens benefited from the Ice Sports Hall.
●Marathon İzmir, the first international marathon in İzmir history, was organized twice. It was the twentieth fastest track in the world and the fastest track in Turkey. The third one will be held on April 17.

More people meet culture and art
●The Mustafa Necati Cultural Center was opened with an investment of 18 million 432 thousand liras.
●The construction of the Izmir Opera House continues.
●After 70 years, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater was established.
●In the pandemic period, more than 10 million TL support was given to local culture and art producers.
●İzmir Art culture and art platform was launched.
●With mobile libraries, children in every corner of İzmir have access to books, mobile stages and theater plays have been brought to the streets.

World city Izmir
●Mediterranean Languages ​​Center was opened. 881 citizens benefited from the courses in which the official languages ​​of the countries bordering the Mediterranean were taught. Training continues.
●The Entrepreneurship Center was opened in cooperation with TÜSİAD to develop the city's entrepreneurship ecosystem.
●The İzmir Cinema Office was established to make İzmir one of the centers of the cinema industry.
●Izmir Tourism Promotion Strategy and Action Plan was published in partnership with Izmir Foundation and Izmir Development Agency.
●Visit Izmir application, which is Izmir's digital tourism encyclopedia and will promote Izmir worldwide, was launched in Turkish, English and Russian.
●4 Tourism Information Offices were opened in regions with high tourist density.
●After the pandemic, the Orange Circle Hygiene Certificate project was implemented in order to facilitate the transition of businesses to the new process and to highlight İzmir as a reliable destination.
●The 4th UCLG Culture Summit was held in Izmir with the title of “Culture: Building Our Future” on September 9-11, 2021, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
●Delice-World Gourmet Cities Network, which consists of 31 cities that are famous in the field of gastronomy worldwide, held its first post-pandemic meeting on 23-25 ​​November 2021 in İzmir.
●The number of fairs to be held in İzmir, the capital of Turkish fairs, in 2022 has increased to 31.
●Tourism Police Department was established within the municipality.
●After many years, in April, the first cruise was made to İzmir.
●The world's most important international horticultural EXPO was hosted by İzmir in 2026.
●Free internet service was launched at ferries, buses, trams, metro stations and public transport hubs. The number of points served throughout the city increased to 323.
●Direct İzmir project was implemented together with İzmir Foundation. With the "" website, it is aimed to promote the flights of all airline companies that offer direct flights from Izmir in Turkey and around the world.

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