Intense Interest in ABB's Disaster Awareness Training for Neighborhood Based and Apartment Staff

ABB's Intense Interest in Disaster Awareness Training for Neighborhood and Apartment Employees
Intense Interest in ABB's Disaster Awareness Training for Neighborhood Based and Apartment Staff

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started a training attack in order to be prepared for disasters and emergencies and to increase their awareness levels. Volunteers' participation in the free "Neighborhood Based and Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training" prepared under the coordination of the Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department is increasing day by day.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its training activities, which it started to raise awareness by raising awareness of citizens against natural disasters.

Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, Disaster Technologies Monitoring and Training Branch, provides training on natural disasters for neighborhood-based and apartment officials covering all stakeholders of the city.


Mutlu Gürler, Head of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, emphasized that they want to make citizens ready for disasters by raising awareness throughout the society with the training programs, and gave the following information:

“We wanted Turkey to be a disaster zone so that we could prepare our society for disasters. The more prepared we are, the safer we are. As we started our awareness activities, we took the opinions of respected academics of Turkey. In particular, we started by choosing our trainers from architects, engineers and city planners from the appropriate professional groups within the Metropolitan Municipality. We started a campaign with our own trainers and cooperated with apartment officials, mukhtars and NGOs. We have also given importance to the City Councils and currently we have provided training to more than a thousand disaster volunteers. We want to add this number to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality family by aiming to increase this number to 5 thousand, especially in the upcoming period.”


With the 'Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training', which started on February 26, 2022 and given to the existing Neighborhood Based City Council and its components, it is aimed to provide the right equipment and a comprehensive communication network to respond to the difficulties experienced in disasters and emergencies.

Stating that the participation of volunteers in education is increasing day by day and drawing attention to the importance of disaster awareness education, Çankaya City Council President Mustafa Coşar made the following evaluations:

“We took this step to create a society prepared for earthquake and disaster processes and to create certified, conscious volunteers in this country. We have to make an effort about what we will encounter and how we should act about earthquakes. We will try to make Çankaya as widely prepared as possible against disasters, risks and crises of human or natural origin. I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mansur Yavaş, who prepared this process with us, Çankaya Mayor Alper Taşdelen, Head of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, Mutlu Gürler, and all those who contributed.”

Çamlıktepe Neighborhood Headman Nesibe Durmaz stated that this training, which explains what to do in case of disaster, will be useful and said, “Disaster awareness training will be very good for us and our residents. We would like to thank our two municipalities for the trainings”, while Çankaya City Council Women's Council President Zübeyde Ozanözü said, “I was one of those who served there during the Marmara earthquake. We saw what happened, how we were unprepared, by experiencing a verb there. It is very important to create awareness and disaster awareness among citizens through such trainings," he said.

“Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training Program” will be held for the last time on April 10, 2022 at the address of Çayyolu Neighborhood Council, Mutlukent Mahallesi, 1920 Cadde, 1924 Sokak (next to Contemporary Market) between 13.00-17.00.


In the light of the data obtained as a result of the interviews and field studies with the apartment officials, the apartment officials also started to be involved in the disaster and emergency response processes.

It is planned to establish the first contact points with the basic disaster awareness trainings given to the apartment workers in Ankara, which is affiliated with the Housing Officers Union, within the scope of the 'Disaster Education Year'.

Stating that they completed neighborhood-based trainings in 3 regions for 6 months, ABB Disaster Technologies Monitoring and Training Branch Manager Ali Civelek said, “As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we started to work with the Housing Employees' Union. The union has close to 300 registered members in Ankara. We wanted to provide disaster awareness training to these apartment workers. At the end of the trainings, neighborhood representatives will be selected among the apartment officials in order to provide all kinds of information to the Metropolitan Municipality AKOM Branch Directorate and Ankara Fire Department in case of any disaster.

Murat Altunorak, Chairman of the Board of ANKA Search and Rescue Association, who provides training, stated that apartment officials had a great responsibility in the event of a disaster and said:

“We have also started our training for the apartment staff because the apartment staff is very important for the search and rescue team. There are very few people from whom we can get information about the building during an earthquake, about the people living in it, about the apartment. At the beginning of these, apartment officials come first, but then the headmen, but apartment officials are in a much more important position.”


Emphasizing that they better understand the importance of responding to the difficulties experienced in responding to emergencies with the right equipment at the right time, thanks to this training, apartment officials and volunteers expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Ahmet Sipahi: “We learned how to behave during an earthquake. I found the training very useful.”

Ahmet Karabiyik: “Because we know everyone in the buildings, we take part in the first response team in case of a disaster. I think the training will be very useful.”

Recep Mountain: “These trainings are very important and vital. You will save human life when appropriate. The better your knowledge, the more useful it will be.”

Emrah Akalin: “I have been working on the same site for 9 years. We also spoke to the managers. I am sure it will contribute to us.”

Master Arif Serkan: “I have been an apartment worker for 5 years. Disaster and first aid training is very important for every person's self-development. That's why I'm here.”

Gonca Akkaya: “I have been working for 1,5 years. I think basic first aid knowledge is essential for all of us, especially in emergencies. It is very beneficial for the Metropolitan Municipality to organize such a training program, and I expect its continuation, and I would like to thank our President.”

Samet Boz (Student): “I came here to gain awareness and competence about disaster. I believe it will be useful.”

The “Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training Program” will be held for the last time on April 9, 2022 between 10.00-15.00 in Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center Yıldız Kenter Hall.

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