Konyaaltı Varsak Light Rail System Survey Project Goes Out to Tender

Konyaalti Varsak Light Rail System Survey Project goes out to tender
Konyaaltı Varsak Light Rail System Survey Project goes out to tender

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, met with the members of Antalya Industrialists' and Business People's Association (ANSIAD) and explained their 3-year projects. President Muhittin Insect, stating that they will implement 5 projects that will benefit the people of Antalya during their 142-year term of office, announced that the 4th Stage Rail System Survey Project tender to be connected from Konyaaltı tovark will be held on April 15.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, met with the members of Antalya Industrialists' and Business People's Association (ANSIAD) and shared their projects realized in 3 years and listened to business people. At the meeting, the promotional film about the 3-year projects of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was watched. Afterwards, Chairman Muhittin Insect explained his projects and answered the questions of ANSIAD members.

We Manage With Common Mind

Reminding that he met with ANSİAD members two days before the elections held on March 31, 2019, Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Insect said, “I said that I would be at the disposal of everyone who voted for me or not, in the last 3 years. Whatever we said during the election period, we are putting it into practice one by one. Together with the common mind, we manage Antalya together, without saying you don't exist. In the last two years, the whole world has been experiencing a pandemic process. Everyone had a hard time. We experienced the biggest forest fire in the history of the Republic. Our lungs burned, we lost our lives. We tried to overcome this process with the support of the Turkish people," he said.

We Reduced VAT on Water to 1%

Noting that Antalya is the capital of agriculture, trade and tourism, President Muhittin Insect said, “There are very serious input costs that have been reflected in our business world and our people in recent months. All our citizens were affected by this process. In particular, energy costs have increased a lot. While the monthly bill received to Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration (ASAT) in January 2021 was 22 million TL, the electricity bill in January 2022 increased to 61 million TL. VAT rates on some items have been reduced. We immediately reduced the VAT rate on our water sales from 8 percent to 1 percent. We all know where diesel prices have reached. In the transportation sector, we want both the transporter and the transporter to be satisfied. SCT and VAT reduction provided to private yachts should also be applied to the transportation and agriculture sectors.

Konyaaltı-Varsak Rail System Project

Muhittin Insect, who stated that they continue to work day and night in the name of serving Antalya from Gazipaşa to Kaş, said: “They put up their full-length pictures because the Ministry of Transport was doing the Light Rail System built during the EXPO period. The elections passed, two months later, an invoice of 379 million TL was issued to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. While we paid off our debts, we continued our investments. Now the 4th Stage Rail System Project to Antalya kazanWe did everything we could to get it. We are holding the project study tender for the 4th stage, which will pass in front of Kepez Municipality from Sarısu, Konyaaltı, Centenary direction, on Friday, April 15.”

We Will Implement 142 Projects

Saying, “We are realizing the projects we promised one by one,” the Chairman Insect said, “We will carry out important projects such as the undergrounding of the Antalyaspor junction and the Boğaçayı 2nd Stage Project. We came before you with 77 projects. In the remaining two years, we will complete 142 projects. We do not have crazy projects, we have projects for the benefit of the public. By increasing the number of our cooperatives, we give an important support. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality covers 51% of our 70 cooperatives' electricity support. Our People's Meat project attracted great interest from our people. Now we will do a study on our slaughterhouse belonging to ANET. We have solved the problem of Kırcami's 40-year zoning plan,” he said.

Antsu Project Will Come to Life

Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Insect noted that Antalya has a shortcoming in terms of opera and ballet houses within the scope of cultural and artistic activities. Stating that he shared it with the members of ANSID for the first time, Mayor Insect said that an opera house with a capacity of 490 people is in Antalya. kazanHe announced that they are working to get rid of it. Muhittin Insect stated that they will also implement the ANTSU project so that the people of Antalya can consume cheap water, that they have established a company with Antalyaspor for this project, which will be implemented in Finike, and that they will start working in a short time.

We Completed the Transportation Master Plan

Expressing that they are working on projects that will shape the future of Antalya, Metropolitan Mayor Insect said, “We have completed the Transportation Master Plan with the participation of 72 institutions. We are making new studies in line with the Transportation Master Plan. We turn our intersections into smart intersections. We made arrangements at 52 intersections. We are the first municipality to establish the Clean Energy Branch Directorate by working on climate change. We took Antalya's greenhouse gas inventory. Right to receive our climate friendly establishment certificate kazansteep. We are making visionary studies by thinking of Antalya's 2050s. Anticipating the water crisis, we determined the Integrated Urban Water Management Plan. We do important work on the environment. We are one of the rare municipalities that received 3 environmental awards in 9 years.

Thanks to Chairman Insect from Ansiad

Listening to ANSIAD members one by one, President Muhittin Insect answered all questions. ANSIAD Chairman Akın Akıncı thanked Chairman Muhittin Insect and said that they are always with the right projects and they are ready to contribute in this sense.

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