Flash Development Regarding Retirement Bonus Ratio! How Much Was the Retirement Holiday Bonus?

How Much Was the Flas Development Retirement Holiday Bonus Regarding the Retirement Bonus Ratio?
Flash Development Regarding Retirement Bonus Ratio! How Much Was the Retirement Holiday Bonus

Retired holiday bonus last minute developments are followed closely by citizens. It is expected that the Ramadan holiday retirement bonus will be increased. The questions "How much will the retirement holiday bonus be, how much TL", which started to look for answers from the beginning of the week, were clarified. kazanyeast begins. Various formulas were being discussed on the table for the retirement bonus given before the Ramadan Feast and Sacrifice Feast, which will be held on the first day of May 2, 2022. The holiday bonuses, which were increased to 1.100 liras last year, are expected to increase this year. Although different figures are pronounced regarding the amount of the holiday bonus, it is expected that the bonus amount will reach 2022 TL in case of an increase in the 1.500 retirement bonus at the rate of inflation. Thus, a total of 3.000 TL will be paid to retirees during Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts. So, when will the 2022 retirement holiday bonus be given?

Whether there will be an increase in the retirement bonus is on the agenda of the retirees. The developments regarding the retirement bonus come to the fore. It has been learned that the government is preparing to bring some urgent regulations to the agenda of the Parliament with a bag proposal. Among the proposals is an automatic increase in the holiday bonus of retirees every year.

At the meetings, it was learned that opinions were expressed that the Bayram bonus should be 2 thousand liras. Claiming that the cost would be too high, a proposal to make it a rule and make an automatic increase every year was considered. This view weighs more kazanwas.

It is planned to increase the bonus given to retirees on holidays at the rate of inflation every year. If it is increased at the rate of inflation, the bonus amount, which is 100 TL, will increase to around 500 in this Ramadan holiday.

When will the retirement holiday bonus be paid?

It is expected that the retirement holiday bonus will be deposited into the accounts of the retirees before the Ramadan Feast. Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on May 2 this year.

Right to bonus kazanmoment retirees

Retirement bonuses are generally paid to all retirees. Accordingly, the bonus will be paid to those who receive a pension, old-age pension, duty disability pension, invalidity pension, death pension, permanent incapacity income and death income from SGK on the date of payment. In addition, monthly from SGK; Eid bonuses are also paid to relatives of martyrs, veterans, combat veterans, security guards, champion athletes, civilian citizens who have suffered from terrorism, and their beneficiaries.

According to the Law No. 2022, those who receive a 65-year-old pension and a disability pension will not be given a retirement bonus.

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