Gendarmerie Measures Against Flamingo Deaths in Salt Lake

Gendarmerie Measure for Flamingo Deaths in Tuz Golu
Gendarmerie Measures Against Flamingo Deaths in Salt Lake

Aksaray Provincial Gendarmerie Command Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Team teams, which took extensive security measures against the flamingo deaths in Tuz Lake, are taking measures to prevent the deaths.

Gendarmerie teams, meeting with the people of the region, give information on how to prevent deaths and patrol the region periodically against negativities.

Aksaray Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams took action in order to prevent flamingo deaths in recent years in Tuz Lake, which is located in the borders of Aksaray, Konya and Ankara provinces in the Central Anatolia region and is the second largest lake in Turkey and where 2 bird species, known as flamingo paradise, live.

The Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Teams of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, which patrol the region almost every day against the negativities that may occur in the region and keep the region under control from the watchtowers, also come together and inform the people of the region.

Hunting, Grill, Picnic

Gendarmerie Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Teams, working in coordination with the Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and the State Hydraulic Works Branch, in order to prevent the deaths of flamingos living in the wetlands of Tuz Lake and its region, provide the village headmen, neighborhood headmen and the people of the region with the life, nesting and In order to prevent the negativities that will disrupt the ecological balance in Tuz Gölü and its surrounding lakes, which are a breeding ground, and to prevent the negativities that will harm the nesting areas and the young, paying attention to the fact that these activities are not carried out such as unauthorized works, hunting, picnics, barbecues in the area, and that these activities are carried out only in the permitted areas. informed.

Aksaray Provincial Gendarmerie Command Public Security Branch Manager Gendarmerie Lieutenant Colonel Fatih Yıldırmaz said, “We not only want to protect the life and property of our citizens, but also to protect the land, our homeland and our environment on which we live. We want it to be passed on to future generations in the best way possible. As you know, the area you live in constitutes the southern part of the Salt Lake Basin. There is an amazing nature here. You are really lucky,” he said.

There Is No Place Where They Can Be Feeding Except Salt Lake

Aksaray Provincial Gendarmerie Command Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Team Commander Gendarmerie Petty Officer Serkan Kurt said, “The reason we are not here is because of the flamingos. Flamingos also have a life adventure, just like every living thing. I want you to know that one of the main causes of death is the decrease in the water in Tuz Gölü.

Flamingos come to Konya's Gülyazı section in March and April, where they enter the incubation period as of May. After the incubation period is over, they move from clean water to Salt Lake for the purpose of feeding and feeding their young in June. Salt Lake has red algae. A reddening also occurs in the colors of flamingos. Because of these algae. This is the only food they eat. He said, "There is no other place in Turkey where they can feed and reproduce, except Salt Lake."

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