Happy Holidays to Tarsus: 41 New Yellow Lemons Started the Campaign

Tarsusa Eid Good News New Yellow Lemon Expedition Has Started
Happy Holidays to Tarsus 41 New Yellow Lemon Expedition Has Begun

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality added to the public transport fleet at the beginning of April. kazanIt added 26 new vehicles to the 41 'Yellow Lemons' that it produced. With ongoing new purchases, a total of 185 new buses will be added to the public transport fleet of the Metropolitan Municipality by the end of the year. kazanwill have been raised. Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer attended the turnkey ceremony of the new Yellow Lemons, which were added to the public transport fleet to serve in the central and rural neighborhoods of Tarsus. After the ceremony, with the participation of President Seçer, a city tour was taken in Tarsus center with the new Yellow Lemons. 8,5-meter diesel attack new vehicles started their journey after the city tour. Stating that Tarsus deserves the best of everything, President Seçer said, “We gathered here to say mashallah 41 times today. Good luck with our 41 vehicles. Let it be our holiday gift. Use it on good days," he said.

The key delivery ceremony held in Tarsus Cumhuriyet Square was attended by President Seçer, as well as KARSAN General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, CHP Party Assembly Member and Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Sırar, CHP Mersin former Deputy Ali Oksal, Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan, CHP Mersin Provincial President Adil. Aktay, CHP Tarsus District Chairman Ozan Varal, members of parliament, representatives of non-governmental organizations and chambers, headmen and many citizens attended.

President Seçer toured the city with Yellow Lemons

President Seçer joins the public transport fleet for quality and comfortable service to the citizens of Tarsus. kazanHe attended the city tour of 41 new Yellow Lemons, and greeted the citizens. President Seçer, KARSAN General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu and citizens of Tarsus also traveled in the same vehicle. Citizens of Tarsus, who welcomed the city tour with enthusiasm, greeted President Seçer from their homes and workplaces. to Tarsus kazan28 of the new buses launched in central and 13 in rural neighborhoods. In addition, two new lines were added to Şahin and Yeşilyurt Neighborhoods.

“I am proud to be from Tarsus”

Reminding that he is also from Tarsus, Mayor Seçer said, “When I come to Tarsus, I feel very different as a person, as a human being, leaving my identity as a Mayor as Vahap Seçer. Tarsus is a city where I was born, grew up and satiated. The ancient city of Tarsus. Tarsus, the city where cultures meet. Tarsus, the cradle of civilizations. Summary of Turkey. The summary of humanity is Tarsus. I am proud to be from Tarsus," he said.

“We are working hard to bring service everywhere”

President Seçer stated that Tarsus is a city recognized by the world and said, “We are on a date now. There are many lives, civilizations and cultures under the ground in our environment. We have a debt to bring Tarsus to a better place from the point we took over as a generation. May God not embarrass us. This debt is a debt to the city, to the people, to our conscience and our mercy. God knows, we are also aware of this burden. We add our night to our day, we work. We are working hard to provide service to everywhere from Tarsus to our Anamur, from Mut to Çamlıyayla.”

“These buses are the best in their league in Turkey”

President Seçer emphasized that they came together at an important delivery ceremony that will contribute to Mersin's transportation. Stating that they carried out the process successfully with the contributions and understanding of KARSAN, despite the economic and political difficulties experienced in the country, Seçer said that the deliveries of a total of 272 vehicles continued, and that they received 67 buses this month. Reminding that they took delivery of a total of 12 environmentally friendly vehicles, 87 of which are articulated, Seçer told Tarsus that they preferred 8.5-meter diesel attack vehicles due to its location, avenues and streets. Seçer said, “Today, we will receive 41 units. 118 units will be delivered in July, 34 of which will be long bellows. It's also CNG. These are the new generation. These buses are the best buses in their league in Turkey. Because Tarsus deserves the best of everything. That's why we got the best," he said.

“We will become younger as a fleet. We will become even younger in Tarsus”

President Seçer said that the buses are suitable for the use of disabled and elderly citizens; He added that it has a powerful air conditioner, free internet and the ability to charge phones. Stating that the newly purchased buses do not have a natural gas fueled series, Seçer emphasized that this series is diesel and economical. Pointing out that 8,5 vehicles of 40 meters are currently in service in Tarsus, President Seçer said:

“The average age is 14.65, ie 15. However, the average age of the vehicles we will use in public transportation should not exceed 10 at most. There is an average age of 12 in Mersin, with these 272 vehicles, our average age will decrease to 2,5. We will be younger. We will become even younger in Tarsus. We have 40 buses. We will take it. Instead, 8,5 new buses of 41 meters. We are removing our plus 12-meter 2014 model 13 bus from our fleet and transferring it here. Again, we are removing 5 of our 2017 model buses from our fleet and transferring them here. The service you previously received with 40 buses; From now on, you will get 60 more comfortable, newer, environmentally friendly buses.”

“Everyone's differences should turn into wealth”

Stating that they will put new flights on some routes such as Yeşilyurt and Şahin Mahallesi, Mayor Seçer said, “Buses get old, you buy new ones. The road erodes, deteriorates, you renew it. Traffic is insufficient, you open new boulevards. But the main thing is: A city must have a city identity. It has to have an identity. The city should be lively and lively. "People need to feel good, safe, have culture and art, not degenerate, and everyone's differences should turn into wealth," he said.

Underlining that the people who run the city should not discriminate, Seçer should not say, "You are from such and such an ethnic group, you are from such and such a region, you voted for me, you did not". There should be an atmosphere of brotherhood in the city. In order for these to happen, everyone must have a job and a vaccine. That's why Tarsus is a district that has the potential to reach much better points. It is the same in our entire Mersin. Mersin is the star city of the future. Very recently. The developments both in the region, in our country and in the world show this.”

“We manage 45 percent of Turkey's population. In fact, we are the ones in power"

Stating that Mersin is a port, trade, logistics, production, agriculture, industry and tourism city, Seçer underlined that as local governments, they provide all kinds of support to newly built OIZs. Pointing out that the youth unemployment rate is very high in Turkey, President Seçer emphasized that they want new job fields to be opened and that there will be no brain drain, and said, “If my fellow countrymen were born here, they should have their fill here too. Let him get a job. This is our target. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Adana Municipality, Antalya, Hatay, Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir, Muğla, Aydın, Tekirdağ and İzmir, with scarce resources, constitute 45 percent of Turkey's population. manages. In other words, we are the power. These mayors manage 72 percent of their economic size. Adding that the people closest to the people are headmen, district mayors and metropolitan mayors, Seçer said, “It will be morning in Üsküdar until Ankara feels the pain of this place. For him, what local governments do is important. We are on target. We make the best use of our resources. We will continue to use it,” he said.

“Our unity, our solidarity that will save us”

Demanding justice, not privilege, from the central government, President Seçer said:

“God will grant it. Nothing escapes perseverance. Then look at the contributions of the central government when we come to power; How will Tarsus and Mersin be revived? We don't want any privileges anyway. We do not want to be favored. But there is only one thing we want; we want justice. We want rights, we want law. We want the attitudes and behaviors that are given to the governing municipalities to the mayors who are not members of the power. We are the mayor of everyone. While I'm on the road, I don't make a choice because they vote for me on that street or they don't. I do not offer these buses to the people of Tarsus so that only those who vote for us can use them. AK Party, HDP, IYI Party and MHP supporters are the crown of our heads; Felicity Party members, Democrat Party members and others. We are all one, together. It is our unity that will save us. It is not our separation.”

“My citizens from Tarsus deserve the best of everything”

During the ceremony, President Seçer talked about the important projects that started, finished, continued and will be made in Tarsus; He announced that many streets and boulevards such as Istiklal, Sait Polat, Adana, Hilmi Seçkin, Atatürk Avenues and İsmet Paşa Boulevard will be renovated and transformed into prestige streets. 2-point multi-storey intersection in Tarsus kazanEmphasizing that they will be angry, Seçer said, “We are not doing anything to dazzle you. Sunay Atila has a pedestrian overpass there. Now people are taking selfies. There was an overpass before. A pedestrian overpass that deteriorates every 3 days, is outdated, was bought and placed there for the interior. My compatriots are not worthy of second-hand material. My Tarsus compatriots deserve the best of everything,” he said.

Emphasizing that the same quality and model overpasses were built in Mersin as on the 2nd Ring Road, Seçer also talked about the newly constructed bicycle paths. President Seçer also made an invitation to the people of Tarsus and said, “We have a bicycle festival on 6-7-8 May. We are waiting for all Tarsus residents. Let's move Tarsus a little. We want everyone to take their bikes and be with us in the events we will do in these 3 days.

“We will build such a facility that it will be a point where Turkey talks”

President Seçer said that they will soon complete their work to make the Yarenlik Area more open to use. Mentioning the construction of a multi-storey car park in Çamlıyayla and his works in Kültür Park, Atatürk Park, Ötüken Park and Mavi Bulvar, Seçer reminded that they held a design competition for the Waterfall Hotel. Stating that they will bring the Tarsus Waterfall to the value it deserves, President Seçer said, “There is a facility open to the public. kazanwe will go. Demolition will be completed by the end of this summer. That building is a risky building. It's an outdated building. We will turn it into a facility where you can spend good times and happy times with your children, your family. We will build such a facility that this is my promise to you, it will be a point where Turkey talks”. Adding to his words that social, cultural and agricultural projects will not end with counting, President Seçer said, “We gathered here today to say mashallah 41 times, good luck to you with our 41 vehicles. Let it be our holiday gift. Use it on good days," he said.

“Our President shows that Tarsus is not unclaimed”

Speaking at the ceremony, CHP Party Assembly Member and Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Basarir said, “It is a really proud picture. Our Mayor bought 41 buses for the neighborhoods and villages of our Tarsus. He allocated. I say mashallah to him 41 times. As a Tarsus citizen, he renders very important services to Tarsus. I am also from Tarsus, I would like to thank him very much. It shows that Tarsus is not unclaimed," he said.

“The creator and clear leader of the 8 meter class in Turkey”

Karsan General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu emphasized that President Seçer considers him an honorary Mersin citizen. Providing information about the new vehicles, Arpacıoğlu said, “Our attack vehicle is the creator and by far the leader of the 8-meter class in Turkey, with its environmentally friendly and economical engine, low-floor structure, very powerful air conditioning, high passenger capacity and comfortable maneuverability even on the narrowest streets. We are reinforcing our leadership this year with the fleet of 67 vehicles that we have delivered today," he said.

People of Tarsus loved the new buses

The people of Tarsus are happy with the start of the new buses. Ali Karahan, who lives in Tarsus 82 Evler, evaluated the new buses and said, “Vahap is one of the best services our President has given us. After all, municipality means social service. Vahap Bey gave us these buses despite all the struggles. kazanIt is a great chance for Tarsus and Mersin.”

Nurcan Kır, who is a student at the Education and Training Support Course Center of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, said that the new buses they used in Mersin also went to Tarsus. kazanStating that he was extremely happy with his work, he said, “It has been much better both in terms of wages and in terms of comfort. That's why I'm very happy," he said.

“It was very good for me that he went to the villages and the center”

Fikret Sayılı, from Böğrüeğri village, stated that he liked buses very much and said, "Our buses are comfortable and cold. Summer weather is coming. Wonderful. These can be more comfortable, faster round-trip. We thank you”.

Tuğçe Ertürk, who studied at the Education and Training Support Course Center of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that she lives far from the center of Tarsus and said, “We can travel in a more comfortable, spacious and prosperous way. It was also very good for me that the buses go to the villages and the center because I live in a far place and I think I will be very pleased. In addition, Lemons seem more advantageous in terms of wages. We are very grateful to our President," he said.

“Very comfortable for both students and disabled citizens”

Mustafa İmer, a 21-year-old student preparing for the university exam, stated that the new buses could go faster due to their size and said, “I was always standing when I went home. It is very advantageous both in terms of going home early and in terms of a comfortable and comfortable journey. That's why we are so happy. They are very comfortable, very beautiful. They have made a very comfortable and beautiful vehicle for both students and disabled citizens. In other words, I can say that it is more comfortable than our car.”

Sema Tatar said, “This is an event that will contribute greatly to the transportation and development of Tarsus. There were 41 of them. I say mashallah 41 times. I would like to thank our President for providing us with such a thing. At the same time, expeditions to the villages increased. Thanks for that too. The round-trip will be very good for us,” he said.

“I feel emotional when our nation is served like this”

Saying, "I would be very pleased if he came to our village," said Şehirban Bozoğlu from Ulaş Mahallesi, "He is over 65 years old. I get emotional when our nation is served like this. I am very pleased. May God give them a healthy life," he said.

Mustafa Öngör from Boztepe village said, “May Allah be pleased with our President. His work is super. What more can I say. It doesn't work better than this. We haven't seen another service in 25 years. The people lived peacefully for 4-5 years. There is no better service than this service. Buses are fine. Good luck and good luck. Let's use it bye. God bless all four. If anything, that will be it.”

“The buses are very nice”

Hasan Şimşek to Tarsus kazanExpressing that the 41 busses that have been launched are a very good service for them, he said, “Good luck to our Tarsus. The president did a good job. We're glad, it's a proud thing to get the buses here. Fortunately, we have a president in Mersin like Vahap President. Bless his work and his heart," he said.

Hüseyin Arslan, a citizen with a walking disability, said, “I am in the management of the Turkish Association for the Disabled. May God be pleased with Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. Well, right now I'm proud, I'm happy. Hopefully more to come. I wish him success. "This bus has been great," he said.

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