Turkey Confidence and Peace Implementation Implemented Before the Eid

Turkey Confidence and Tranquility Implemented Throughout the Country Before the Eid
Turkey Confidence and Peace Implementation Implemented Before the Eid

In the practice, in which 56 thousand 115 personnel participated, 7 thousand 133 derelict buildings and 6 thousand 104 parks and gardens were inspected, 17 thousand 788 public places were inspected.

During the inspections, 1.057 wanted persons were caught, and a total of 4 missing persons, including 18 children, were found.

By the General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command units affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, ensuring the continuity of the existing peace and security environment before and during the Ramadan Feast, deterring those who aim to commit crimes, especially security, terrorism and narcotic incidents, arresting the wanted persons, and handling the evidence of the crime, if any. Turkey Confidence and Peace application was carried out simultaneously across the country.

Application, abandoned buildings, parks-gardens, squares where entertainment and events are held, fair and celebration areas, public buildings, public transport stations/stations, pier/port, bus station/terminal entrances and airports routes, public transportation station/station, pier/ It took place at 56.115 points with 204 personnel and 8.461 detector dogs on the ports, bus station/terminal entrances and airports routes, as well as shopping malls (AVM) entrances and their surroundings.

In Turkey Confidence Peace application;

  • 7.133 abandoned buildings and 6.104 parks and gardens were inspected,
  • 17.788 public places were inspected.
  • Transactions were made in 60 public places.

In audits;

  • 1.057 wanted person caught
  • 4 of them children in total 18 missing person found.
  • 384 Judicial-administrative action was taken against the person, 41 the person was detained.
  • 499 vehicle suspended from traffic
  • 145.848 vehicle checked,
  • 4.624 vehicle has been processed.
  • practically 499 the vehicle was banned from traffic, 112 The wanted vehicle has been detected.
  • In practice; a large number of unlicensed pistols, shotguns,
  • With various amounts of drugs 1.256 pack of illegal cigarettes,
  • 590 pieces of macarons,
  • 3.000 kg seized with contraband tobacco.

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